Wasn’t sure exactly where to post this since there’s no actual uni riding in it, but it’s about uni, and getting sponsored, so w/e, here it is. If you watch it, please leave a comment. Thanks! :smiley:

Written & directed by Terry Peterson.


very fun… nice

Funny thing is, is that’s basically a 661 sponsorship (40%). How many $20 pads do you need?

awesome video terry

Thanks Tyler! Hope you and the rest of Adams club will make it for the Sullivan Canyon ride next Saturday! (Or Sunday whichever. lol) :smiley:

Thanks I had probably the most fun making it of all my videos…and that’s saying a lot!:smiley:

How is a bike shop like 661?

A bike shop has a larger selection of pads and clothing, can order uni parts in for you, trueing, rebuild the wheel, switch our parts for you, has all the tiny and cool tools like kits and stuff, and can help out with local events.

This seems a bit better than a 661 sponsorship.

Did you watch the video?
He got 50% off a tire patch…
I am comparing a 661 sponsorship to that;) .

I saw it.

But he did get a sponsorship, so I figure he gets discounts on everything else too. :slight_smile:

haha, that was pretty funny man.

hahaha very very funny, I have thought some times in sopnsors, but… I don’t Know how… :thinking:

The best part is when the twins try to put a helmet each on a stool that clearly only has the surface area for one.