Recieved an email welcoming me to the 08 sponsorship season!

Im in! And congrats to everyone else getting sponsored lately… Its like a sponsorship party!

Hoorah for sixsixone!

CONGRATULATION!! I’m going to try to get sponsored by 661 too, don’t think I’m good enough! Can you show me the sponsor video?
Nice anyways :smiley:

I havn’t finished it yet. I have scrap footage i’d be willing to share, but i’m finishing it up tomorrow, so it’ll be up then.

Haha everyones getting sponsored, the good, the great and the… not so good. Now I wonder, why did I leave it this late before I got sponsored.

Still congrats, bet your happy

We need one big thread dedicated to the masses of people getting sponsored by 661.

Instead of 24324132432 small ones.

Haha, Well, their not really looking for much skill, there not a unicycle sponsor really. Their mainly looking for someone whos going to bring business. My vid i sent was pretty crapily made, and like the worst of my riding.


Grats! I have yet to mail my actual signed contract yet. I think i may do that tonight, but for the most, i’m a 661 rider also. I’m thinking about getting a few of the ‘better’ 661 riders to submit video, and we could get an actual 661 team together sort of.

riders vs team

Rider = what they want

team = what we want sorta (we being a generic name for a majority of unicyclists who like unicycling teams)

Yeah, Grats again :smiley:


that would be very cool!
even if all the riders filmed their own parts seperately and it was compiled to one movie. I bet you could get 661 to sponsor the whole project!

Maybe, it would end up making 661 get more into the unicycling sport. They would probably more acknowledge unicyclists for riding teams then.

The team video is a good idea. I’ll do it.

I got my contract last night and my parents think its some kind of fraud where I’m going to get stuck into something. I told him that as long as a wear their gear then I get 40% off everything, and they don’t believe it’s that simple. Has anyone found anything wrong with the contract? It didn’t find anything.

oh hmm…

i dont think so, maybe this - (quoting the page your suposed to turn in)

Article six - Entire agreement
This agreement contains the entire agreement between parties hereto, and supersedes any prior written or oral agreement between said parties, while also revoking any and all media privileges, and also requiring a weekly fee of $300,000.

Lol. Okay, thats not as cool as i thought it would sound as a joke.

Theres nothign wrong with the contract from what i see, its just a job.

can you get 08 sponsor ship even if its like november 08? cos i getting the kh20 (07) next week :astonished: :smiley: :astonished: :slight_smile: :astonished: :smiley: and once ive got some beginder tricks going and make a vid, i mite be done by june or july, do reckon i would stil get a 08 spnsorship?even know its in mid year? (i think i could, just that i only get 6 months of sponsorhip…?

yeah, you would need to renew it if needed.


Has anyone ever submitted a sponsorship request and NOT gotten it? I wonder if they just hand out sponsorships to anyone and everyone who asks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool for you though, congratulations!

Here’s the number: Direct line: 661-705-3666

Call and ask!

Haha, Terry’s already all over the advertisements.

How’s this:

“Hello? Sixsixone? I ride a unicycle. Could you please sponsor me so I can get discounts because your gear is so expensive?”


Wow! Did you listen in on my call to them??? That’s exactly what I said, plus they said the first 10,000 new applicants would also receive a a $5,000 shopping spree at Uniproshop.com! :smiley: Then they said, "oh what the heck, we’re just gonna go ahead and cut our prices on everything by 50%, so we don’t have to continue this sham any longer! :roll_eyes:

I’m gonna call Exxon/Mobil for a 50% off sponsorship! Now that one would really help!