I know I’m not good at unicycling, but is there such thing as a sponsor for unicycling? Have any of you ever gotten a sponsor? And how did you go about it?

Yes, there are such things are sponsors in unicycling.

Kris Holm is sponsored by a number of companies (I think), but primarily Norco.
I don’t know who else is sponsored.

I am sponsored by SIXSIXONE. To get sponsorship, I emailed them, told them what I did and sent them some pictures.

Anyone else sponsored, and if you are, who by?

I know that a few people are sponsored by LBS’s - that is cool!


Kris Holm has quite a few sponsors, and I think that Kevin McMullin is sponsored.

does any one know will stevens? hes sposored by onza isnt he, or he was when i first met him

i am too,

by never land bikes www.neverlandbikes.com they give me 1/2 off everything in there store and free clothes


RR rules


no, im not sponsored. but hopefully this summer i’ll make a way better video and get hooked up by someone. im just waiting for something to happen, and until then, i’ll ride hard.


I was sponsored by Kona for moutain biking for a while and to tell you the truth it wasnt that great it has too much rersponsibility. I am now sponsered by local bike shops for unicycling and moutain biking its alot better that way so you dont have to travel so much.

traveling? thats awesome. if i could travel anywhere, as long as someone is paying for me, i would do it in a heartbeat. tell people im missing school for unicycling! ha

I am also sponsored by 661.


dont get me wrong travelling can rock its just all the time it gets lame. Plus not everything is payed for. just youre plane ticket and a really cheap place to stay. Also if you work or are in school you cant keep a job or grades when youre traveling all the time.

Yes, Will Stevens, Adam Wilcox and Simon McAndrew are, or were sponsored by Onza.

They tested out the Onza trials, and Simon has been testing the new aluminium frame.


I have a question for John and Joe.

I too am sponsored by SIXSIXONE. Did they tell you guys, you get 40% off everything? (retail price) can you recieve free stuff? If so, how? Just out of curiosity.


Did you send them pictures of your arms and legs after falling? Maybe it wasn’t so much a sponsorship as a mercy mission.:smiley:

Sabin- Yeah I got an email which said Welcome to 661… and had some attatchments. I get the 40% off, and I have not received any free stuff.

how good do you have to be to get sponsored? for example what tricks, drop distances…ect

Drops are insignifigant. MOre for trials: what lines can you do, precision, ups, consistancy, and general impressiveness.

Tell that to Robbie Bourdon.

hes cheating tho, hes got too many wheels…

what are you guys obliged to do for your sponsorship?

How big is that drop? Wouldn’t you like die from that height or does as bike just take all the drop for you pretty much?

well josh bender (the guy on fat tire fury) lands 50 footers, but they dont even look smooth and his bike has something like 14" out back and about 12" of front wheel travel, and he wears the best mx protective gear money can buy

he doesnt even ride a normal mountain bike so it all sems quite pointless really, tim ponting had an article in MBUK ages ago, where he was hucking pretty big drops on a normal DH setup (and with style), thats real riding, but waitwhy are we tlking about 2 wheels