Sponsor vid to skateshops?

Do you think it could work? Introduce unicycling in a street manner to the world of skating. Maybe if not get picked up then get recognized. Not sure. I’m going to try it when my vid is finished. That’s all I had to say, just curious about what you think.

-Shaun Johanneson

id say go for it… your badass enough that it might just work

if they are impressed with your video… then whip out defect


I think it could work…but it’d be hard to get any free stuff, since cycling stuff generally aren’t produced by boarding companies. but it could work.

we don’t need free stuff, shame on you!
We just want to be recognized as a real sport.

…Then we get free stuff…

i dont think a skateboard shop would sponsor you… they ar enot a unicycling shop … the people whod sponsor is the people that could make money with you so think mroe about skateboarding clothing brands… dc, etnies, quicksliver rds… they would sponsor you … because if dc shoes would sponsor you more unicyclist would buy dc shoes for unicycling.

well, yeah, but being sponsored sort of includes getting free stuff.

just letting you know in a friendly way, max, there is now a spellcheck.

but yeah… i’ve talked to a local ski shop dude. he’s quite interested for a spring/summer product line, so we showed him UniVerse 2 and we’re going to show him what we can do trials wise (at least me and alchemicfrederick) some time in the next couple weeks.

yeah I dont rlly care… u know lazyness

i dont really think the skaterworld will be too happy that we are trying to get them to conform. or even notice unicycling. Margera Bam already gets enough money as it is, and that’s because skating is a more recognized sport. but what you could do is go to an X-Games and try to get seen on T.V. with a unicycle screaming “Look at ME!! LOOK AT ME!!” then you might be noticed as a ‘freak’

I was “sponsored” by my local skate shop until I moved… I basically got shirts from him for free and bragging rights.

I wouldn’t call it conforming, as we are still very much the minority in the sport world. We’re UNconforming, if we were conforming, we’d all be riding bikes! Or SKATEBOARDS!

unicycling isnt big enough for ppl or other unicyclists to buy their products so its kinda dumb, unless someone sees something in the person as a marketing thing then maybe.


I know a guy near where i live who is sponsored by the local skateshop, i should imagine he just gets clothes or something, can;t really think what else they have to offer him. I think he does demos at shows for them, i guess this attracts even non-unicyclists towards their brand if they’ve got something a bit new and unique, and if this guys spends alot of time at the local skatepark wearing their stuff then i suppose he’s no different from the skaters they sponsor.

there’s a bikeshop in our excuse for a city that every now and then has a UNICYCLE! That’s where i got my little pitiful generic 20" uni.

yeah, id definitely say go for bike shops over skate shops.

They supply safety gear, parts, even a few unicycles - atleast on order, so not only would you get stuff that would actually be nice for your uni, but the bike shop would get custom from a market that actually buys the things that they are selling.

“woah! look at that guy on the unicycle with the skateshop t-shirt! im going to buy my next skateboard from there!”


“woah! look at that guy on the unicycle with the bikeshop t-shirt! i wonder if i could buy a unicycle from there!”

although they are both cheesy, id say the second one is far more likely.

All the skate shops I know are also BMX shops. At the last one I went to (to buy shoes), I could have bought the shoes I ride in, the pedals I use, pads and could even have ordered Profile stuff if I really wanted to. I could have got more of my unicycling gear there than at most bike shops, where you usually can’t get decent shoes or pedals (obviously neither will sell you decent unicycles in most cases).

I think street riding has far more in common stylistically with bmx than with mainstream bike riding, so skate/bmx shops might actually be more appropriate than a bike shop.


Wait, isn’t BMX the mainstream? Around here bikeshops sell BMX stuff, normal bikes, etc. and the more underground people are the hardcore downhillers.

Oh, wait, I think I understood you wrong. ah well, I’ll post anyway.

What harm could it possibly do? Once I get my freakin’ vid together I think I’ll be showing it to a shop here. You won’t know till you try.



but i’m still not sure if i really WANT unicycling to go fully mainstream…
i don’t want it to because then if it does, i won’t be unique anymore… no pun intended at all.

I say go for it. It cant hurt to try.

I’m sponsered by Pryme Gear

Your going to show us the video right? :slight_smile: