Sponsor Request

Heres a vid I made in seach of sponsorship, would love to know what you guys think. (watch in HD)


Edit:watch in HD!

STREET! Love it, has a feel good feeling to the whole video. Good luck with sponsorship, the riding is quite up to the level… But I love the video, hope the sponsors do too.

siick man, love the flip drops! great style, filming and editing and creativity. I’d sponsor you :slight_smile:

Nice! Great riding, filming and editing!

Nice to see some street again :). Good luck with the sponsorship!

Thanks guys,
A lot of the clips are quite old so im going to put out a new video again soon just as soon as i find the time after study.

YESSSS!!! that was sick,you deserve it,i hope youre going to unicon still it’s only a year away :smiley:

That was so sweet! :smiley: Love to see some creativity :stuck_out_tongue: mostly loved that crank stall combo to flip over the ledge :wink: I also do alot of those kinda things :stuck_out_tongue:

Who are you going to send it to?

I hope you will get a sponsor :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Can we get a close-up pic of that reweld job?

Cooool, make a vid! I love this style :slight_smile: