Sponsor Q's

I got a few questions for sponsored riders, because im really improving, and soon enough i wanna be sponsored.

  1. How do you get sponsored?

  2. What are the advantages? what are the disadvantages?

  3. As a sponosored rider, do you get to travel?

  4. Is there an age limit to be sponsored?

im into street riding, and i can do crankflips, 180 unispins, i can do a little flatland, wheelwalking, one foot riding, and i can jump a 5 set of stairs.

thats all ive learned so far, and i kno ive got a long way to go, but i would like to know the answers to my questions of sponsorships.


try a search there are a few threads about spomsorship

yeh i used the search engine, but still two of my questions are left unanswered. age limit? advantages and disadvantages?

NE one gunna respond? i just wanna kno… i know you guys are sick of these sponsor questions, but seriously i checked the search engine and i need to know if there is an age limit, and i want to know the advanages and disadvantages of it.

there probably is not a set age limit. but there would be thing that would differ for different age groups. there not gunna depend on a 14 year old like they would a 20 year old.
also give the people some time to respond

thanx. im sorry bout the time, i gotta go in 10 minutes to my neighbors house to tutor him. im 14, so yea im sure i wouldn’t get sponsored like that. but im sure that by the time im 17 i’ll have a nice sponsor… i hope, at least sixsixone

sixsixone is an easy sponsor. If you want to get sponsored then you have to know how you are going to help promote the company, that’s the purpose of sponsorships.
Do you want to be sponsored just you can say your sponsored or do you want to help promote a company and represent them?

stop trying to get sponsored and just go ride because you like the sport. ONe of the reasons unicycling is so fun is because there’s almost no pressure to do anything you’re not comfortable with because there’s not alot of competitions or people that ride so you just go at your own flow. Don’t jump into getting all these crazy cash prizes for being a good unicyclist. To the average person, unicycling makes you a clown. Just go outside and ride because you enjoy it.

uhm, not to be a jerk or anything, but I can jump UP a 5 set and I’m not sponsored

(i do get 60% off 661 junk, but thats easy, a lot of ppl have that)

It’s easy, You tube !

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Hey Brendan,

If you look at the people who are sponsored by Kris Holm, most of them all got sponsored by first getting their name out there as a good rider. That is usually done through online videos, or getting featured in a DVD or some sort. Now there are some other options too, like trying to get your picture in UNI magazine. The other important thing is that you actually support the company you want to get sponsored by. Make sure you are first riding their products and that you know they are good. There is no age limit to sponsorship. A sponsor will want to see a certain level of maturity, but I mean I’m 20 right now, and Luke Collalto is 15. As long as you can still ride hard, you can still be sponsored.

Advantages are mostly that you get either free or discounted equipment or other products, as well as the fact that your name gets a little bit more recognition.

Disadvantages…hmm… I guess for some companies, their terms might be a little binding. Like not being able to freely wear some clothing while riding, or not being able to use a different part if you like it better. Not all companies are like that, but some are I’ve heard.

I hope that answers your question a bit. Keep riding hard and progressing. Try to get creative with your tricks, and stuff will happen.

Kevin McMullin