Does any one kno how to get sponsered?"

send them an email

send them a video of you riding

give them reasons why you want to be sponsored

act nice

Bribe them. (wait, does that defy the point?)

yea pretty much

A good way to get sponsored, is to learn how to spell sponsorship. Usualy you should be able to spell the positions you are applying for.

Think of a sponsorship as a job.

Approach it with a similar level of professionalism.

Assemble a resume of unicycling of sorts. Include all the ways that you would be helping them out by them sponsoring you.

Use common sense. Would you sponsor yourself? Why would you sponsor yourself? If you were a company what would you want from someone you are giving free products to.

Ask yourself those kinds of questions and use those answers to bring yourself closer to your goal.

Hope that helps.

Very well put, also butter them up a lil lol, Tell them how much your love there company/procucts and that you would love to help promote htem and the sport of extreme unicycling…Give them a lil vid of your biggest best stuff and allways be polite and NEVER brag to much or be cocky…

Props to jerrick to writing this out

say thanks to jerrick for me

Obviously correct spelling is not needed;)

hahaha, nice. :smiley:

you get freaking good!
then you get recognised as being good by everyone on the forums, then you get sponsored for doing all the above-listed things.

Gah! The forums are almost nothing to sponsoring companies. They care that you can get to conventions, competitions, etc. and spread your recognition in person, not through the computer. Take Joe Hodges for example. He doesn’t even have an acount here, but he showed up to BUC and UNICON, did very well, got recognition, and got a UDCUK and Koxx sponsorship.

joe hodges does have an account on the site(don’t know why it matters cuz he never uses it) I guess I am just saying he is going to need support from unicyclists to get sponsored.

I have seen nothing of this guy either.
any footage?
my video is in my signature, but I’m not good enough to get sponsored.

He doesn’t have any real videos yet, but Sponge is supposedly making one. Here’s some footy from the London ride. http://www.trashzen.com/animations/video7.html

There are loads of people who want to be sponsored, why? I guess the obvious answer is the free stuff, but do you deserve it? Do you need the free stuff (have any money?)? Have you really pushed yourself enough to deserve a sponsorship? Do you have injuries to prove that you are commeted?

I’m not saying if you get offered you should turn it down by any means, go for it if you get offered. But till then chillax, take it as it comes get good, hell, get great. Grow a pair and go big with hardcore tech tricks, or do the drop gap you’ve been wanting, do the [insert freestyle trick here].

Oh, you betta’ believe it mate, just wait 'till BUC, his vid is damn good (I’m making it with him).

He is still alive and kicking, still riding. His riding is orgasmic.


actually his back is messed up from a rave and his balance is now messed up source joe hodges, so me and you are almost guaranteed to beat him ha ha ha sykeeeee xx

tell the company what yo can do for them, then see what they will do for you. Don’t pressure them or act like a self promoter. they want you to boost their bussiness, not be an extra cost.

why do you want to get sponsored?

most companies want to sponsor people who ride for fun, peopel who don’t ride with the sole hope of getting sponsored. sure, free stuff can be nice, but do you need a new unicycle, or do you just want to brag to people about how your sponsored?

when cody posted about how renegade juggling was putting together a U.S koxx team, at first I was really hyper and stuff, but then I was like, wait… why do I want to be sponsored? I already have a really nice uni and stuff. And plus, you can promote companies even if you aren’t sponsored by them.

ps. try to get a 661 sponsorship if you really want one. go to their site and they have a little page thing where you fill stuff out. PM me if you need help.


Exactly. Qu-Ax Sponsored me without even having seen video’s or pictures of me riding. I just told them what I do and what I would do for them, etc.

Unless you’re somebody like Shaun Johanneson, you’ll have to tell them about what you do, were you go to be seen by other unicyclists (going to Moab Munifest every year, for example) and stuff like that.

I guess you have to think how you’re going to make them money, how are you going to increase their sales to more than cover the cost of the free stuff they give you? What feedback can you offer them to help increase the quality of their products? I agree with a lot of the guys on here that you shouldn’t aim for sponsorship as a boasting point, or as a mark of your ability, but maybe, for instance, because you really don’t have the equipment you need to advance in the sport, and you have no other easy way of getting it.

I just really cant afford all the unis I go through :smiley: my sponsor mom was gettin a lil sick of bike shop bills lol. Its nice to be sponsored cause you yes, get disscounts sure, but you also get to help promote them, help them out with there sales and shop, I have become almost more a consultant with Renegade than just a rider, I talk to the owner all the time and we exchange alot of ideas for his shop. Hes going to be selling sixsixone gear as well, hes updating his sight, its taken him a lil while but its gonna be cool, you can custom order any uni, mix and match parts…Tis gonna be sweet. For getting sponsored sometimes its timming as well, and how you ask…I dont knwo how but my friend has two sponsors(for the sole purpose of bragging) and he cant hop more than 10in, he recently learned to ride one footed, and he cant unispin…The company doesnt have to see how good you are(sometimes its helps) but tehy care most to have a positive rider to help promote them and present a good image…