Sponser me please?

Hey guys,

was just wondering if any of you would sponser me for a 13 miles unicycle ride (im taking part in a bikeathon on my uni) even £1 would be great im aiming to raise £200 overall here is the link,


Thanks again,


link doesnt work


sorry about that too https lol
That will work =] sorry again


thanks too who just donated!!!

if my house in on your route I’ll throw you a quid


Haha i doubt that

corr well excited =]

If you can work out the compass bering of your house, I could put a quid in my rifell.

Could you post some more information about your charity, Leukaemia Research?



This is the website for the charity,


Basically its a charity dedicated to leukaemia, the lymphomas, myeloma, aplastic anaemia, myelodysplasia, the myeloproliferative disorders and the related blood disorders in both children and adults.

If you want info about the race just post a reply and ill sort some out =]


Yes, got sponsered £5 on the site cheers person who did that =]

Yeah man

Good luck with the ride.

What uni will you be riding ? Do you regularly ride distance ?

Post a ride-up when you have completed the ride.

Ah cool

Yeah i will write it up lol

well im riding a 26er kinda small but i Muni and cant afford to buy a 29er or anything

=] i do all types of riding long distance muni…or in englands case go to the woods lol

erm bit of trials and street love it all =]

Running total

Running total of : £10 thanks to who has donated so far =]


still waiting for me sponsership pack so my friends can sponser me, is anyone else doing the sept 9th southend bikeathon race bike or uni?

I opened this thread thinking that it was gonna be a video of some kid doing 1 foot riding and hopping up curbs hoping to get sponsered.

What a pleasant surprise that you are asking for money for something other than buying unicycle gear. Good luck on your ride.

Ya I was thinking the same thing…this is really nice to see. A great way to get sponsership too…good luck :smiley: