Sponge's new stuff from Bedford Unicycles! Thanks Darren!

Bedford Unicycles was the only place that sold one of these, and I just had to get it! A lot of email communication between Darren Bedford and myself resulted in successful PayPal payment and a bumpy yet successful Canada Post service from Toronto to the UK. :sunglasses:

Kris Holm 20" Trials 2004 Cr-Mo frame
Koxx ISIS Trials wheelset
Odyssey Jim Cielencki pedals
24 Bicycles Cockring single-bolt seatclamp
Kris Holm Fusion Street red saddle
Kris Holm reinforced 350mm seatpost
Try-All Stiky tyre.

(sorry for the bad quality of some pictures, I took them with my Samsung phone!) :o

After weeks of agony and hair-ripping, I’m very pleased with the result!
I’d like to say a thanks to Darren Bedford for being so helpful and patient with me throughout this, and Roger Davies for giving me some very useful advice along the way! :slight_smile:

Tell me what you think of the stuff! Good or bad comments.

More Pictures:

Zack Baldwin Pro Rider Series Bedford Shirt!

Bedford goodies!

Hey, nice!

Loving the seat clamp!

You got it in the best colour aswell! Will see it on the london ride im assuming?

Rock on!

Cheers Edd!

So long as nothing goes kaboom in the coming days, there’s no reason why this beast should’nt be at London :slight_smile:

Cool. How much for it?

Total came to around 200 Canadian dollars, not bad tbh…

None of this stuff is available in the UK, nevermind Europe!

wooo thast a long way. Good job you got what you wanted haha, couldnt send it back so easy.

looks nice, look forward to seeing it at london

The shirt is bit disppointng. becos zack is more of a trials rider.

Like the frame tho, how come u didnt buy the new 07 one? Good dedication to the sport if you brought uself to buy from canada!

$200! is that for the whole unicycle? cause that is pretty cheap. i might have to order one from bedford then.

No of course it’s not the whole uni! :roll_eyes:

I forgot to mention earlier that it’s just the KH frame and Zack shirt I got off Bedford Unicycles. No way could I get a whole uni for 200 canadian dollars! Plus Bedford don’t do Koxx wheels do they :roll_eyes:

Amanda, I didn’t get the new 07, for a few reasons. I didn’t like the blue colour of it, and it would cost a bit to get it powdercoated black etc… and also I like to be different, steel is real, aluminium is err… brittle over time…

Ryan Atkins actually bought one of the last steel ones from Bedford 10 days before me, I’ve been talking to him about it, as he was using it as a ‘normal riding’ frame before his 07 comes to him. All’s dandy, except that it’s extremely heavy! I have 3 black trials frames in my room, a Devil, a KH04, and a KH05… The KH04 is heaviest, with the KH05 feeling like nothing!

Still haven’t ridden it yet though! Need loctite to dry on the bearing housing threads.

WHAT u got that for 200 bucks i payed 250 fore this

That is a good begginner trials uni but its got a cotterless hub and a brutal seat, for the same price you could have gotten a splined torker or 50 dollars more a nice qu-ax trials.

ya whel i still would have poot more monney in to ti but the only place i could find a uni is at my lbs and that was the best 1 they had and i dident really want to get 1 shiped

A few posts up I said that it was only the KH04 frame and the Zack shirt I bought from Bedford, the wheel and seat stuff was off my uni before.

You didn’t really think I got a whole uni for 200 CAD did you? :roll_eyes:

is that a tryall rim? I never knew they did them in 19" with black sidewalls. I thort that it was always silver surface on sidwalls.

Still u shudda got an 07 kh! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice ride Sponge.
How mutch does it weight?
Anyway, I’d like to ride that someday.


I think 2006/2007 rims from Tryall come with colored sidewalls.

Probailer, it weighs quite a lot as a whole uni, not sure exactly how much, but the frame and seat combination are quite light. It’s the Koxx wheel that adds soo much weight.

and here are some new pics:

Some battle scars from last night’s ride: (never do big wall-to-wall gaps when you’re not 100%, I killed my palms trying to bail from that!)

I just can’t resist taking another photo of this clamp: