Spongebob has a gee-raffe uni

damn1 we’re gonna miss the left-handed terror, bestriding the rink like a colossus

kirk’s uni get sorted out yet?

i have the “spongeBob” on a unicycle image on the hub of my muni. i ordered the sticker off ebay cut it up and put it on the hub befrore the wheel got built up. i will dig up a picture.

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You’re right, I don’t believe it. At least not hook, line, and sinker. The writer of that article has just as much as an agenda as James Dobson does, its just from the other side.

The first I saw of this was on NBC evening news. Their story teaser was the “Spongebob” hook but the actual story was quite balanced, first stating many conservatives think Dobson over-reached on this one and make other conservatives look silly. They also interviewed a Dobson representative who made it clear they have no complaint about the video itself, rather the pledge and the materials promoted on the site and materials.

Almost every other media story I have seen has gone after the “Spongebob” angle.

Here is Dobson’s response. You may not agree with him but at least hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

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Back On Thread Topic: My son had his birthday last week. He got his room painted sponge-bob yellow (yellow is his favorite color), Sponge Bob stickers on the wall and the complete Sponge Bob set of sheets, pillow case, and comforter for his bed. :sunglasses:

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my bad
i just wanted to hook the link to an existing ‘Spongebob’ mention on the forum and didn’t actually notice it was in RSU untill after i posted

reading dobson’s response now

…and choking on most of it


u’ve got to read his response
u really have to

SpongeBob a queer? come on James…everyone knows he’s straight.

its Squidward thats “the gay”

haven’t we been through this already with Tinky Winky and Bert and Ernie?

This one’s too funny to leave alone.

Uh, it’s a cartoon.

The sponge wears pants. And talks. Bah.

Meanwhile, the uni could have a shaft drive. They used to make bikes like that.

But whatever the drivetrain, that wheel won’t get you anywhere underwater. It would just churn around. Even if it did provide propulsion, the wheel would be in front with the rider trailing behind it.

Ever try to ride underwater? You really need to lean forward a lot for the wheel’s traction to push your body through the water. That’s on a regular uni. A giraffe would be even more extreme. Bah.

David Ramos told me that for this picture:

it was hard enough just to get his neutrally bouyant body to line up above the unicycle. He was nothing like sitting on it…

The anti-gay community needs to get over itself and learn to let people live, even if it’s in ways they don’t approve of. If they’re messing with your church, fight the battle on the front steps. Stop telling people with other beliefs how to live.

Right on !!

No thanks

Very, very well said.

Have You heard about this…the Gov’t cuts off funding for Postcards for Buster

Today i relly thought about killing lots of people or getting out of the U.S. im so sick of all this anti-gay/lesbian shiz among many other things. i need to move to another Country…Amsterdam, here i come!

In this weeks RN&R:

If only all the people who say that would really leave… :roll_eyes:

I know a guy who did. He moved from Rhode Island to here (Nova Scotia, Canada) the first time Bush got elected. After a few years he got homesick and moved back. I really wonder what he did the second time around?


I would if i wasn’t 13, had money saved up and could speak dutch!

I would love to live in Holland, wooden shoe?

Sorry old joke. :slight_smile:

And that is exactly what the right wingers want you to say, and what they want you to do.

I say no way.

I’m a total Left-wing Liberal and I can’t stand Bush and I think all this extreme religious right wing lunatic stuff is a load of rubbish. (Believe me, they all know it themselves). I’m also an athiest, but if I remember my Irish Catholic upbringing correctly, this current trend of holy-roller wackoism has nothing to do with real Christianity because it has everything to do with power and controlling people’s lives. Intolerence = power, that is the mindset of the extreme right winger.

But that’s a whole other argument and I don’t want to get into it here. The point of this post is one word: STAY.

You are a citizen, and as much as the political climate seems unfriendly to those who oppose the current administration, your fellow citizens need you to hold your ground and disagree.
Get involved with the opposition. Write letters to newspapers. Go to demonstrations. Get involved. Believe it or not, half this country hates Bush. Don’t despair. In five years you will be old enough to vote. Use it. My son is also 13–he can’t wait to vote–one of these days it will be payback time, and it will be unlike anything the world has ever seen and it will all happen in the voting both when we throw these gangsters out.

The right wingers love to snicker and say “Go on liberal, leave” but I just laugh at them. This country does not belong to them. The thought of leaving or giving up my citizenship has never passed my mind. I’m here to stay, and I hope I’m like a thorn in their dumb-ass good old boy Rush Limbaugh sides.

Resist–it feels a hell of a lot better than packing your bags.

This thread does not belong in RSU. Someone should shut it down.

Okay you do that

you are right… I live in the home of our bestest buddy jerry Falwell! its fun to F with him and all of his minions, but after awhile, it would be nice to take a break, go live in amsterdam for mabr 2 years, then come back. I really don’t see change happening with the facist bible toters anytime soon, but it is worth a try…

I know what you mean…its totally discouraging…
And to take this thread even further from RSU–great picture of Sid on your avatar!
I still kick myself because I had a chance to see him play at Max’s Kansas City years ago when he did some solo gigs with members of the New York Dolls–and I missed it for the stupidest reasons.
I DID see the Sex Pistols, but with Glen on Bass–it was still utterly great…

really? cool…it was probobly better since Sid was anything but a bass player.