Spongebob has a gee-raffe uni

I just thought it was worth mentioning another appearance of unicycles in mass media. I’m sure some of you or your children are familiar with the television show “Spongebob Squarepants”. It was in this show that I saw Spongebob ride a giraffe unicycle with a paddle wheel tire because he didn’t have a car. It was quite amusing. But, to my dismay, he threw his uni in a dumpster as soon as he got his car. But THEN, after one thing and another, he lost the car and then he got his uni back. Yay!

Just wanted to let all you nice people know. :slight_smile:


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he sure does…

sponge bob uni.bmp (997 KB)

During a ride last month, I passed a father and his two small children on a bench. As I passed, the child says: " Daddy, Spongebob has a unicycle".

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oh man, u’re not going to believe this


Yeah I was going for a muni ride once and I rode past a mother and her two small children. As we passed the mother commented saying: “look its just like sponge bob”

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Lordy, what will they think of next? censoring the bible in case Jesus’ message of love and togetherness encourages “sexual preversions”. It’s all a godamned communist plot I tell yer.


Geez, what were they thinking? Oh, i forgot, they are christians…

the episode is actually him trying to get his boating licence!
and if you’ll notice, he calls it a bike!!

(sorry, i really really like spongebob)

that, and it makes no sense. it looks like a giraffe unicycle, but there’s nothing linking the pedals with the wheel! bah!

but after i saw it the first time, it really compelled me to ride around in circles going “i’m ready, i’m ready, i’m ready-eady eady eady edy-edy-edy ready! i’m ready mrs puff!” heh.

Watch the stereotyping swede…


is your cellphone broken or something?



it’s shaft driven!!

and it’s a cartoon… :wink:

oh, don’t get so bogged down in the detail, zod…


QUOTE]is your cellphone broken or something?

yup, will have my old no. again soon

exactly what i was thinking, with pinion gears or somthin

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unihoki next week sunday
u in?

Ahhh thanks

Sorry will be away campin next week end, for my birthday

Yoggi bear coasting a hand rail.


And Johnny Bravo doin his thing!!

All these pics are from unicyclist.org