Sponge and Joe Hodges... London Trials Video

Hi everyone, now that most of you are back from Unicon, I decided I’d show this short video to you guys! It was edited by a friend of mine Julien@trashzen.com. He recorded me and Joe during a ride in London UK, and he suddenly produced a quick vid out of the random clips he got! Which was a surprise to me!

The clips are actually meant for tutorial clips…

PLEASE NOTE: why my riding is pretty small and crappy looking as Julien wanted only to film me doing extremely simple lines so it doesn’t put beginners off on the tutorials. Joe Hodges, however just did what he wanted… since I’m the guinea pig for the tutorial clips, and he’s saved for the later and most advanced moves. :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically, Trashzen.com is the best biketrials tutorial site… and me, Joe H, and a guy called Fabfour are making a pure unicycle trials tutorial in that format for the winter, it’ll cover even the smallest of details like ‘how sidehopping to your freehand side benefits’… Also it will cover moves that arent common in uni trials, such as pedal-stalls onto rails and over. So watch out for that :slight_smile:

Anyway enjoy the vid… Don’t judge me and Joe on that video… that’s simply a teaser ;). We’ll try and get a longer and better vid out soon to show you the real us :smiley:



Nice movie.
Those pole jumps are CRAZY :astonished:
Is Joe Hodges that guy that can jump +90cm seat under?


Damn Joe, your so good. Even on technical trials your amazing, and going HUUUGE. Post on these forums again.

94cm Seat in, on to a pole. He beat his record at unicon on to a pole type thing… Why, surley a ledge would have been easier but no, a pole.


woah, that was a cool video. I have never seen seat in side hops like that.

Here’s a photo sequence I got of Joe Hodges at the trials course at Unicon

I loved to vid. I actually liked the part Sponge(?) did more because it’s more what I would have fun trying to do. That pedal grab on the rail was insane though!

Now that’s a GAP


The guy in blue is amazing…

thats was some huge gaps!!

nice video

sidehopping to your freehand side benefits? damn, I’ve been doing all my sidehops to my un freehand side…:frowning:

I had that to.
Someone told it to me and my gapping sidehop changed VERY good.
90cm to 125cm so learn it :stuck_out_tongue:


nice riding guys! i love seeing trials videos.

good work!

It was good. i liked it.

It still makes me feel not good.
So i went out to practice some more.

second time i see ppl on videos using brazilians t-shirts

woah, Joe in the blue rides so awesome, a 94cm seatin sidehop sounds crazy onto a pole! Did he not bother entering high jump at unicon? Cos if he did i bet he coulda got 2nd seeing as ryan’s highest was only 4cm more SIF! :astonished:

Awesome to hear about a tutorial being built though Sponge! your riding wasnt all that bad, ok maybe not the biggest but still nice to watch, as you’ve got a pretty controlled looking style. :wink: (joe’s hogged all the amazing comments so i might as well give you one!) :stuck_out_tongue:

cheers for the vid tho!

there’s a difference between jumping onto something and jumping over the bar…

Sponge wasn’t bad at al.
It was good, but he’s overshadowed by Joe :stuck_out_tongue:


Am I the only one who read this?


No I saw that to.