This has been in a lot of posts, and ive looked at them, but how do you ask a company for a sponcership, do you send an email, send them a vid with it, but their stuff, if it is like sixsixone, but you dont live by one of there stores wht do you do?

Do you just go to some random bike shop or something and or wht??? Confused about the whole thing.

Is it an internet your sponcered, or a local, by that one store?

or Torker, how hard are they to get sponcered by.

e-mail sixsixone.com w/ some of your vids and learn how to spell sponsor.:slight_smile: They will give you a discount of everything you order from there site

im thinking of making a sponcership vid for my LBS this summer

Yea k, But I think Being sponcered by Torker would be cool.
So I just set off to making a vid, send it to them, tell them how I would be helpful, In the vid ride my Torker DX, And hope I get it, or is torker to good, do you have to be as good as luke Collelto, or Shaun, or Xav?


I ride a Torker DX, so I dont think i could try out for qua-ax, i dont own any sixsix-one stuff, and many ppl are sponcered by them.
I just think i would need an email, to email torker.

idk, but i think that torker would be hard to get sponsered by because they are a uni company and could get a lot of decently great riders fairly easily if they wanted, but idk so gor for it

idk how to email them, didnt you say you tried out for Qu-ax, and they didnt even need a vid from you, or was that someone else?

nope wasnt me, ive never tried to get sponsered by anyone, hmm

Try these email adresses

btw the title of this thread sounds like spencers how

it is a common misconception among 14 and under year olds that sponsorship will prove to everyone else that you are good, and therefore you should try with every last breath to get hooked up.

Think first. Why do you want to be sponsored?
What can you do for your sponsor?
Who would sponsor you?

if you have good answeres to these, include them in your sponsor me vid. If you can though, try to have your potential sponsor notice you before you call to them for a new uni.

good luck!

Someone will only sponsor you if they believe that the freebies they give you cost less than the extra income they will get from people buying their stuff because of your work. You need to think how you intend to increase their sales with your riding. It doesn’t matter how good you are if no-one ever sees you ride, mention any times/places you ride where their brand will get good exposure, such as in competitions, if you’ve already made videos and put them on the internet the viewing figures might help make a convincing argument.

But I agree with uni-jim, why exactly do you want sponsorship? These companies must get hundreds of emails from kids wanting free stuff for nothing, what will you do for them?

This is how you spell SPONSER and SPONSERSHIP

correct spelling of this word will certainly help

That would be nice. But I think you will find that its spelt SPONSOR and SPONSORSHIP


People… at the very least, could you please use a spell check!!!
Plug: Firefox 2.0 contains a spell checker, and It is good!

You mean like sponsor and sponsorship!

The first guy though, you should read those posts about sponsorship, if you search with the right spelling, you might get more useful posts. There’s tons of info about it already, which you kind of obviously haven’t read yet.


You don’t necessarily need to be the worlds greatest rider to get sponsored. I mean, take Lucas Wintercrane for example. He’s RUBBISH but is a Qu-ax team rider. He is a friendly guy and gets alot of coverage, that counts for alot too when companies are looking to sponsor people.

Rock on!

Only Messin’ Lucas, Your an awesome rider really!

I just thought I would chime in here.

What possible use do you have for sponsorship?

I can’t say your up there with the best riders, I doubt you desperatly need the free stuff. All I can see is that your like hundreds of other kids wanting to get sponsored for not doing much (anything?) to the sport. All you want is the respect, but have you earned it at all? I mean really?

There are a few people I think should be sponsored that aren’t, I’m not going to name any, thats lame. If you get sponsored by asking my opinion will be that you are taking away from the sport.

Lucas Wintercrane is a good example of a sponsor, he does many, many shows (infact is doing one now I believe) and promotes his companies products.

Wait for a sponsor to come to you, the only way you’ll gain respect is by being more mature.


I was considering to send a video to an LBS to get sponsored. I wanted them to maybe send me to FLUCK. In return they could hook up with unicyclist.com and I’d send people to that shop every time they asked me where I got my uni from(happens quite often).

But now FLUCK is 41 days away and the vid isn’t ready, so I guess I’ll just stay on my own.

you guys are meannnnnnnnnn lol, jokin, i remember being like you i went through a stage, where i thought i must be one of the best in the world because id never been on this community before and had only seen local riders that wern’t amazing so i figured i must be the best, the community should act as an eye opener and yeh dont let sponsorship be a drive, because it will take over, and then when the sponsorship goes you will have no internal motivation which will mean your performance will drop, this is a text book pe a level answer for why extrinsic motivation is bad if you rely on it. xxxx

i pretty much agree with everything every one else has said, and yeah… I wanted a sponsor really bad at one point because my uni was turning crappy (torker DX) and I felt that I had to hold back because of the uni, and that makes me mad. I don’t let things hold me back. well… being sponsored is not really that important. sure you get free stuff, but it doesn’t really mean much. I am sponsored by 661, i have been for 2 years, but i only get a decent discount on stuff (60% off). I own nothing with the 661 brand on it :slight_smile: I don’t care much about it. it is true that if you have a huge goal that is too reachable… when you reach it, you don’t feel much like riding anymore. I havn’t ridden much in the last 2-3 weeks because I hit my goal … it had been my goal since I jumped up my first stair. now i am having trouble getting motivated, don’t get me wrong, i am going to go ride again, i am getting myself motivated again, but this time its different. I don’t care how high or how far other people jump anymore. its not a big deal(not that a competition wouldn’t be fun). i just want to ride for fun.

This is the kind of thing that most sponsors just won’t do.

Don’t expect a random bike shop to just pay out hundreds of pounds/euros/dollars to send someone they don’t know to a convention thousands of miles away, just because you send them some home video.

If you think about it, they have to be convinced that you’ll send them enough wannabe unicyclists to make that money back in profit. Say they make £20 off each unicycle they sell, and the flight to Fluck would cost £400, they’d have to be sure of you sending more than 20 people to their shop and all of them actually buying unicycles. For it to be worth their time sorting things out, it’d be more like 40 people. From their point of view, they’ve probably sold a total of zero unicycles in the last year, the chances of selling 40 in the next year are pretty low.

Them sending you to fluck, what have they got to gain from that? You’re hardly going to promote your local bike shop at Fluck are you?

They might pay your entry fee at some local events if you were lucky, or give you a discount on stuff in the shop. Those are the kind of things local shops are likely to do for sponsored riders.


smile and nod

I am part of a ski team that is sponsored by over ten companies. I have only approached one sponsor, and this is what I learned. You have to give the company a good reason to sponsor you. I approached KHU because I knew that I was going to races in Europe last winter. From my previous experience, none of the euro racers had heard of KHU. I told Kris that I would bring a KH uni with me and ride it as much as possible. You need to appeal to the sponsor more than sound needy. I provided a few pics of me unicycling and skiing, but since I was not trying to get sponsored for my unicycling ability it was not as important to make a video, although I bet it would have helped.

Basically the most important thing is to appeal to the sponsor and tell them what you can do for them.