I was just wondering, the hub and rim ive got sont match any of the lengths of spokes, would it be the best thing to do by buying the next size up right?


cut your own

hmmm sounds risky but ill try it xD thanks

You’ll get some really exact number out of a spoke calculator. Spokes come in like 2mm increments.

Trick is, go for the size that is just bigger than the spoke calculator number.

If you can’t get spokes that are within about 2-3mm of the size, then try a different shop. unicycle.com often have the right spokes in for lots of common unicycle combinations. If they don’t, Chainreactioncycles.com have quite a wide range of spokes (I think they have down to BMX size and up to 29er size), you need to phone em up to buy them.


Even Better kool thanks :smiley: