I was just wondering if it would strengthen a wheel if uu zip tied the point at which two spokes meet as it will prevent spoke flex. Is this correct and a good idea or just a recipe for desaster? :thinking:

whith stiff spokes the wheel might break easyer because it wouldn’t have any give it would also make landing high drops harder

I seriously doubt it would make much of a difference whether or not you zip tied your spokes together. Seeing as there is currently not a clip or something for this specific purpose on the market (at least I think there isn’t), I would guess that it is not needed.

I doubt it would make your unicycle explode, though.

Back in the day road racers and tourers used to tie the spokes at that point with wire and then solder them to make a super rigid wheel, but that was when broken spokes were a commen problem, or something like that, i’ve only heard of it from a few places, as far as I know nobody does it now. Nowadays with the new rim hub and spoke technology it’s not really an issue anymore. If your still breaking lots of spokes you have other problems then tieing and soldering the spokes. But yeah, I don’t think zipties would do a thing, they wouldnt have enough friction to prevent movement.

i doubt you could get a zip strip tight enough to do anything, 'cept maybe on an old coker wheel. if you did, say tack weld, the spokes at those places it’d just break apart. the wheel needs that little bit of flex to work properly.