is it better to have 36 or 48 spokes?

Personally i don’t think it makes much difference!
12 spokes+mipples weights about nothing.

Sure a 48 spoking is “stronger”…

But to tell you the truth, i haven’t sen any muni/trial wheels pop because of a badly built wheel, it has either been the (early2005model) kh rim sidewall that popped, or in some extrema cases some splined cranks been bent or snapped.

All unis i have bought have had some really sloppy spoke tension out of the box… And that’s far more dangerus than having a few spokes more or not.

I’ld go for 36h because of lower weight, a nicer looking wheel, and a not as hard wheel to true and tension!
36h on a 387mm rim is still a LOT!

im gonna say that 48 is stronger just for the fact that there will be more equal force comming from the rim into the hub with more spokes…i could be wrong but thats what i think. alot of trials uni rims are just 36 though…same with hubs so my guess is that 36 is just fine.

hmmm, well what r the differences between a torker dx and a kris holms that makes one so much more money

the hub…the frame, the seat, the name.

  1. the kh hub is 36 spline(super strong) while the torker is only 8 or 10(still quite strong)

  2. the torker frame is quite combersome and made of steel the kh is very light aluminum

  3. the torker seat is a cheap copy of the kh

  4. the kh name is best known in the sport…its only natural that his stuff cost a bit more.

if the seat is a cheap copy, than how come it costs more than the kris holm seat

it doesnt

[EDIT] ok the permanant cover kh seat is more but the one that comes onm the kh uni is the fusion one whcih is 54.00

well it depends on which one, cause theres 2 ones cheaper

^ check edited post.

haha oh, well im a dumb ass, so ya. but that sounds like some good quality info, but im still getting the torker cause im poor

the torker is a very respectable uni…theyre acctually very strong. you will enjoy it.

What is with this fairytale of more splines the more strength?
No splined cranksets will break any splines, it isn’t a weak spot as on a square tapper hub!
It is the cranks strengt in itself that keeps it from bending, not the splines!

well with more splines theres less torque on the hub

Well, no.
It will be the exact the same amount of tourqe.
It will be devided over a greater surfice though (probably, the fever splines the bigger and deeper they are), but the hub will still suffer from the same amount of tourqe.
I hawe never heard of anyone stripping theri splines what so ever, i cant se why it’s that important.
Cranks bends or snaps a hub can be twisted… but that has to do with the strength of the axle and not the splines!

i dont think that hub spline really matter i run either of the i think spokes dont matter either you gota run rims with eyelets for the spokes with out a dought to stop pullin the nipple through ya rim cause that really hurts…

LOTS of rims are without eyelets. No danger there…