does the amount of spokes affect anythign on the unicycle, liek how it feels and rides? just a question im curios about.

No, not at all. As a matter of fact, I recommend you get one of Sheldon Brown’s monospoke wheelsets and convert it to a uni wheel.

Re: spokes?

Not how it feels, but it affects the strength.

Re: Re: spokes?

It affects a lot of things. Such as strength, weight, stiffness, aerodynamicness of wheel, and whether or not a tennis ball gets stuck in your wheel (a penalty).

All of these factors can be brought to an acceptable level without a large number (48) of spokes, provided you use a good hub and good alloy rim. Another important factor is how well the wheel was laced/tensioned.

More spokes can give you more strength. But the quality of the wheel build is more important than the number of spokes. I’d take a hand built 36 spoke wheel over a machine built 48 spoke wheel any day.

Judging wheel strength just by counting spokes is a bad way to judge a wheel. The quality of the wheel build is much more important.

I switched from a junk 36 spoke wheel to a relatively good 48 spoke wheel about two months ago. The only differences I have noticed are that the wheel doesn’t give so much when I hop standing on it, (probably simply because it’s stronger) and spoke walk also feels slightly different.

hmm yes thanks for your coments it will help me choose a new un, my old ones crank busted, its an excuse to get a whole new one