spokes "ticking"

Hey there. I just bought a used KH24 (2010?) in great shape and am stoked. I’m a noob, so don’t know if this is weird or not… I took it out for a spin on a local bumpy soccer field to get used to the larger (than 20") wheel, and three or four times over half an hour, I heard a faint “ping” or “tick” come from the spokes (or one spoke). Everything is tight… so… wazzup? I didn’t hear it on my older KH20…

Some of the spokes might be a little bit loose, it could also be the cranks, the pedals or the bearing holders. Check everything. On my Muni the spokes also make a little bit of noise but I just build my wheel about a week ago. I only rode it once. Just make sure everything is tight. It could also be the seat, it happened to me once.

PM’ed… I just saw your location :slight_smile: