Spokes tensioning up unevenly

Hi, I am building my 4th wheel and notice that the spokes are tensioning up unevenly after lacing. You’re supposed to turn the spoke wrench in even amounts around the wheel until you get a tone, true vertically and radially, dish, then bring up to tension. But even before hearing a tone, I notice that some spokes seem to be a lot more tensioned than others, even with the exact same amount of turns starting from the same place (one spoke thread showing.

Is this normal? Should I start tensioning up the really lose nipples to match the others, or keep going?

I would check to make sure your wheel is in true first. Although you probably already have.

…meaning before tensioning at all?

No it’s not. But it’s a new rim. So does that mean it’s a bad rim?

I am no expert on wheel building but I think it is normal for a new rim to be a bit out of true. I guess I’m thinking more if it’s not quite totally round.

Given how rims are made from a continuous section that is rolled then cut and joined, you should expect a little bit of wobble in a rim. It should manifest in slight differences in tension around a wheel.

Im not sure whether you are saying you have tight spokes or loose nipples. If the spokes are all the same tension (acoustic or measured), it doesn’t matter, some nipples will always turn easier than others.

If the spokes are different tones, you need to go round the wheel using a TM-1 or a phone truing/tuning app to get the tensions even then re-true as single spokes can be made to take the strain for several others.

Different tones for spokes with equal amounts of nipple turns from a common baseline. I started to tension all spokes with only one thread showing for every spoke. They are not all tensioned. Should I tighten only loose spokes to “catch them up” to the tighter ones?

Yes. Rims aren’t perfect and you have to make up for it with spoke tension. Rather than worry about how many turns your putting on each nipple, focus on bringing some tension evenly into the wheel, then begin to true.