Spokes Problem

Hi! I searched and didn’t found anything like this…

Two weeks ago I sent my KH 2008 to the powder coatingon a LBS… The guy really sucked! Painted the wheel really bad, changed the color of my seat clamp and delayed everything. He mounted my wheel and I took the Uni.

I trained two days with the Uni and them I was training flip tricks when I noticed two broken niples. I went to another LBS and the guy said that the wheel was laced in a different way of the KH website pic. He relaced the wheel and changed two spokes and niples with 2 spokes and niples from my Koxx wheelset (spokes are smaller). The guy also sanded a bit inside the eyelet because they painted inside it and the niples wasn’t fitting really well.

Yesterday I trained a bit, just some tricks. Today I was riding and just heard a noise. When I saw I had another broken niple!

I went to the LBS again and the guy said that the spokes are probably too used, the guy who painted probably did a bad service and destroied my spokes and niples. He said that the best I could do is change the spokes with my Koxx Wheel… I said ok and he’s changing…

I’m really angry with this problem and talking with my mom I though about possible problems:

It’s possible that the Powder Coating process deformed the wheel (made it bigger or smaller)?

It’s possible that the LBS that paint my wheel made something bad to the spokes and niples?

Anyone can give me any tips about that?

I really nide an advice since I can not find this spokes here (171mm). People said that the KH spokes aren’t really good, that K1 are better, anyone knows abou that?

I will buy spokes soon, but they are REALLY expensive for me. The shipping will cost 37 euros and the spokes about 20…


Most people would say that you should not reuse spokes at all. To powdercoat your rim they would have had to completely de-lace your wheel then re-lace it apparently using the same spokes and nipples. I have had trouble re-using old nipples and have had a couple crack lengthwise but they were also from the late 70s which might have been more the issue than being re-used.

When riding nipples usually don’t break unless your spokes are too short.

Most decent shops can cut and thread spokes for you, you should ask around and see if there are any nearby that can do this for you to save you the shipping charges.

They can, but just some bike shops, usually the bests bike shops have the machine to thread the spokes, and they will ask lots of money for that! About 3 us dollars for each spoke… So I prefer to buy really good spokes…

Thanks man!

EDIT: Anyway, If I re-thread the spokes I will change them from 2.1 to 2.0… we can’t find 2.1 spokes and niples here!

I was only charged $0.10/spoke for cutting. Maybe they just like me

I mean 3US per spoke here! In North America it’s probably WAY cheaper…

When I rode my orange bud wheel I broke nipples really often. I think I broke around 5 just at Wuko alone.
The nipples on my KH wheel are way better, but I got those spokes from Bedford and they aren’t the normal KH spokes.

None of my LBS’s even offered to do that and I called every single one that was in the phone book. One of them did however offer to buy me a pack of 75 niples and sokes and sell it to me for $37. I’ll be sure to ask them to do so next time.