Spokes making a popping sound

Spokes are making a popping sound
I’m having trouble with a spoke or spokes making a popping sound when I ride. Its a new KH 24 rim and it wasn’t doing this a month ago. I haven’t done anything to it to cause any damage to it. I did try tightening the spokes but it didn’t help at all. It sounds like two spokes rubbing where the cross. If you grab two spokes where they cross and move them that’s the sound it’s making. It’s really annoying so any help is greatly appreciated. Thank You

If you just tightened the spokes the popping noise is pretty normal. To minimize this you should “stress relieve” your wheel. Sheldon Brown has a good writeup about wheel building and mentions stress relieving.

Look it up, it is definitely recommended reading.

Thanx, I will check that out. Thank you for the quick reply!

Is it a new style kh hub with the carbon body?

If so, then it may not be the spokes, the newer kh hubs have been having squeaking issues due looseness between the hub body and the spindle. I got two of my own that I need to warranty and a buddy I rode with today seems to have the same problem.

In general, spokes will only ping and pop on occasion, but if the wheel is making noise all the time, ESP when you crank hard, well…