Spokes creaking?

I’ve had a problem with my spokes I believe… When I am riding they creak (obviously), and was wondering how to fix this. Or if I should take it to my LBS and have them work on it?

Eh I feel it some more, and it may be the bearings :frowning: anyone know of a fix?

You can tension your wheel yourself, but it is pretty cheap to just have an LBS do it. Sometimes they are so impressed with the one wheel that they will do it on the spot for free. No guarentees of course :roll_eyes: .

Seriously though, you are at, or have surpassed the level where you need to be using a trials uni for the stuff you are doing. That uni won’t be long for this world at your skill level.

Got a bike shop nearby I can almost walk to, they should be able to do it. Hopefully at the end of this month I’ll have money for a KH20, which will be a step up, but this unicycle I am trying using will need to last for this month :roll_eyes:

Oh yeah. Good call then. Hopefully the 08 will be out by then.

Loctite the spoke nipples (to the spokes). Works great!

Dont do this.

You wont be able to tighten/loosen your spokes and you wont be able to keep your wheel true and tight. I wouldnt be suprissed if it still creaked. Normaly the noise comes from where the spokes cross eachover, not from the spoke/nipple thread.

I thought the spokes on my muni creaked but when the noise persisted after tightening all the spokes I checked the cranks. Turned out that the cranks had collected too much crud and were no longer 100% tight (I have square taper cranks).

Cleaning the cranks and the square taper part on the hub and bolting everything back together got rid of the noise :slight_smile:

My wheel is true and tight. The spokes no longer creak. If I needed to tighten the spokes I’m sure I still could. It is still possible to tighten or loosen a bolt/nut after using threadlocker on them.

Sorry, your theory does not match my reality.

PS. Use a low strength threadlocker. Most brands come in a variety of strengths for various applications, I don’t recommend using the strongest or stronger versions.

Spoke threads…

I have built hundreds of wheels, and used sewing machine oil, or tri-flow on almost all of the spokes. I think that the Loctite idea is interesting, and probably fine as long as you don’t use anything stronger than the blue. Even the green will lock your nipples. Really though the light oil works great to inhibit corrosion or galvanic action and to lubricate. All of the spoke creaking that I have ever encountered was loose spokes rubbing.

Another old track bike solution would be to tie and solder where they cross. Not too practical. Adds weight, but makes a quick rim change easy.

It is at a bike shop currently getting re-tightened so if anything I will have a true wheel, but if it persists when I get it back I will know right away and they will be able to check that.

Yeah I thought my spokes were creaking for the longest time but it turns out it was the cranks. Make sure you keep the splines clean and the crank bolts tight.

It is especialy important to make sure you do this with aluminum cranks because the sound is coming from play in the cranks and the metal rubbing which will become a gap between the crank and the hub and slowly grow over time to the point where you won’t be able to tighten your cranks all the way down.

This has happened on my K1 cranks and now no matter how much I tighten everything or how clean it is, there is always play.

So you just live with the constant creaking?

I’ve heard of this, do you know how it effects the strength of the wheel build? Weight isn’t an issue.


Got back from the bike shop and they fixed the problem… I believe it was a combination of literally everything being loose. Not only were the spokes way to loose, but the bike man said he tightened all the other bolts on the unicycle and that stopped it.

Case in point, always make sure to check your unicycle every week or so.

thanks for that remarkable break trough:p :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

:frowning: I’m not very nice:(

Identifying creaking

One trick would be to try to isolate the noise. Lay the unicycle on its side with the crank against the ground and try pushing hard (say, at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions) on the wheel and see if you hear the same creak. Try at 3/9 then at 12/6 and then flip the wheel over and try the other side. (Be careful if the rim starts to buckle; if the spokes aren’t properly tensioned, you could potato-chip the wheel this way.)

Does the creaking go away if you lift your weight off the seat? A cracking seatpost or seat-base will creak a lot.

Properly tightened cranks won’t be noisy. Try tightening them.

If the noise persists, remove the frame from the wheel and feel the bearings. If they are the slightest bit rough, they are failing and that is your noise.

You indicated that your LBS tightened “everything”. Be sure that the wheel still spins freely and that they didn’t overtighten the bearing caps.


Ha, I finally learned what LBS means (and I got it by myself):slight_smile:

if they are already the correct tension then you can put some oil between the spoke crosses, but check the tension first