Spokes are making a popping sound

I’m having trouble with a spoke or spokes making a popping sound when I ride. Its a new KH 24 rim and it wasn’t doing this a month ago. I haven’t done anything to it to cause any damage to it. I did try tightening the spokes but it didn’t help at all. It sounds like two spokes rubbing where the cross. It’s really annoying so any help is greatly appreciated. Thank You

You sure it isn’t the hub?

iv just got my kh24 back from udc only 3 weeks old same thing it had to have some pins and epoxy put in the hub its a fault it is splined on the inside of the hub and the tolerance set is a little big thats where they pin and epoxy it ring them up its known fault mine is quiret now fingers crossed

fireboy. my spokes used to “pop” or “click” whenever i rode, jumped and i know you already tried to tighten your spokes… but that IS the solution. just tighten them MORE and they wont have room to move back and forth to make that “popping” noise. thats what i did and i’ve never had them make a “pop” since then. make sure your tightening the correct spokes too

I tightened the piss out off them. It just never got any better. I called Udc and they said it was a problem with the hub so they sent a new one. I wish I could get it to stop without changing the hub. My problem is that if I go through the trouble of changing it and it happens again I’m gonna be pissed off.

dang dude! hmm not sure why it keeps popping if you tightened them good! i guess a new hub might work. but thats a lot of hassle to switch out… i’d be too lazy to do it.

I already got the new hub but I don’t want to go there yet. I went ahead and tightened all the spokes again. It seems to be better just riding in the hall. I won’t know for sure until I get it outside. I’ve got my toes crossed! :thinking:

its the splines on the inside of the hub they told me it wont break just make that noise the tolerance is too big