spoke tightness (and gunis)

I forgot to mention in my earlier guni notes that my guni has REALLY loose spokes. I wonder if that’s on purpose if it it’s something that Florian didn’t get around to working on or if it’s due to sth else.

Anyway, ALL of the spokes on my 29" guni are really loose, and I wondered if anyone knows if I should have them tightened at a bike shop (I’m no good on my own when it comes to spokes).

How loose are they? Like a stringed instrument. I could probably move most of them about a half-inch at least.

I have a huge ride coming up this Sunday (100 miles if I can make it), so I’d like to have the uni in top shape for that.



You shouldn’t ride it like that; if you really don’t know how to work a spoke wrench (turn one way to tighten, the other way to loosen), take it to a bike shop.

get a spoke wrench and tighten them all one full turn, start at the valve stem…and go around the wheel.

if the spokes dont ping like a high note and give a tud-noise…repeat.

you want the spokes to sing and ping but not scream.

i cant stress the good spoke wrench needed enough.

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