Spoke through leg=pain

Earlier while i was out riding i jumped off a ledge that’s about 6ft tall. And i think due to the cold weather and my wheel needing some spokes to be tightened a spoke snapped.
Not only did it snap but i landed on some loose gravel that i did not see and slipped. The way i fell stabbed the spoke directly into my leg, out of instinct i instantly screamed and pulled it out of my leg(it didnt go all the way through but was pretty dang deep). My leg still hurts it hasnt swelled up at all, it doesnt look very bad but there was alot of blood earlier.
Do you guys think i should go to a doctor and get it checked out? Im sure that having a foreign object impale your leg poses some threat of infection…
I dont think it needs stitches, but i never think i need stitches even if i probably should…
Right now im debating super gluing it up and forgetting about it…or just going to to doctor…hmm

how deep did it go in inches?

maybe an inch and a half, i kinda freaked out and pulled it out fast before i got a good look at it. But from what i can tell it went about an inch or more deep.

OUCH :astonished: !!! I would. Over an inch is pretty deep…

Go See a Doctor!!!

If I was stabbed by something like a spoke… which has tons of dirt on it most likely… I would definitely go see a doctor.

go see a doc, you will be happy you did

you really need to see a doctor who knows whats in the metal it could be rusted or bacteria

I stepped on a nail once and it went came out the other side of my foot, it cained like crap but all I did was put a bandaid on it and after a few days it was fine. I may of put some betadine on it but I can’t really remember, it was years ago.

flush it with hydrogen peroxide and put a bandaid on it, thats all a doc would do. You dont need stitches for a puncture wound.

You NEED to get a tentanus shot! Just to be on the safe side.

Spokes are stainless?

Is a Tetanus shot not for rusty punctures and cuts?

No you don’t need stitches for a puncture wound, but you have a very good chance of a bad infection with a puncture wound. Think of it this way. You drove a metal object deep into you leg, pushing all kinds of dirt and bacteria there as well with no easy way for it to get back out. A visit to your doctor would be the smart thing to do. He will probably give you a tetanus shot so that you don’t end up with lock jaw.

Tetanus, also known as lockjaw, is a serious but preventable disease that affects the body’s muscles and nerves. It typically arises from a skin wound that becomes contaminated by a bacterium called Clostridium tetani, which is often found in soil.

Once the bacteria are in the body, they produce a neurotoxin (a protein that acts as a poison to the body’s nervous system) known as tetanospasmin that causes muscle spasms. The toxin first affects nerves controlling the muscles near the wound. It can also travel to other parts of the body through the bloodstream and lymph system. As it circulates more widely, the toxin interferes with the normal activity of nerves throughout the body, leading to generalized muscle spasms. Without treatment, tetanus can be fatal.

In the United States, most cases of tetanus follow a cut or deep puncture injury, such as a wound caused by stepping on a nail. Sometimes the injury is so small that it is never seen by a doctor. Injuries that involve dead skin (such as burns, frostbite, gangrene, or crush injuries) are more likely to cause tetanus. Wounds contaminated with soil, saliva, or feces - especially if not properly cleaned - and skin punctures from nonsterile needles (such as with drug use or self-performed tattooing or body piercing) are also at increased risk.

yes, thats precisely what im afraid of.

i suppose tomorrow i will go to the doctor just to be safe.
it still hurts, so im afraid there is stuff in there. I have been soaking it on and off in hydrogen peroxide.

OUCH MAN! You really need to see a doc!!

Common misconception…rusty things are often considered sources of tetanus, so people tend to think the rust is the source. However, rust is nothing more than iron oxide. The tetanus comes from soil, as One on one said, and things that are rusty tend to be so because they’ve been in or around the soil. So, chances are if it’s rusty, it’s dirty enough to pose a threat.

That being said, even stainless steel can get dirty and cause infection, even if it doesn’t rust.

As a Registered Nurtz, I advise you to go see a doctor immediately. You need a second puncture wound to compensate for the first.

oh come on, its a little puncture wound.

Do you have to pay to see the doctor?

Oh come on, you only fell over a tennis net…