Spoke Threader

Looking for a spoke threader in good shape.

If anyone has one that they don’t need anymore I have a few project in mind where it will be put to good use.

Let me know what you have, I would be glad to take it off your hands. I have a bunch of random stuff I would be willing to trade or cash if you prefer.

Spoke threader

Thought I’d chime in on this.

I had a Hozan spoke threader that I bought to chase/clean-up the threads on some 36er spokes a couple of years back. It never worked well, no matter what I tried and I even had Hozan replace the cutters under warranty and it still worked poorly . . . . . and I know others have had the same experience with this tool. Not sure if there is something now that is between the $100 Hozan and the expensive professional threading machines like Phil Wood?
So what type/brand are you looking for?


I was looking at Hozan, since it seems to be the most common rolled thread threader cheeper than the super-awesome Phill Wood spoke machine.

What you say gives me pause but I would still consider a Hozan if anyone has one. Where did you find one for $100? $160 is the cheapest I have found so far.

fwiw, I used a Hozan threader for years without any trouble.

I can’t say why it’s getting a bed rap, but maybe the quality isn’t what it used to be. The one we had in our shop was old even when I started using it.

We have a phill wood at the house and shop its bliss. i wouldnt get anything diffrent ever!

I may be mis-remembering the price. It is entirely possible that user error is responsible for my and others trouble with the Hozan. It wouldn’t be the first time that this upright monkey didn’t use a tool properly and blamed it on the tool. I do recall that its difficult to convince a freshly cut spoke end to go into the rollers. I think you have to chamfer the edge more than a little to get it to start. . .Others on here might be able to verify this quirk of the Hozan.

Good luck with your search

There is Hozan in an auction on eBay at $60 plus shipping ($8) with one bid right now. (I have nothing to do with it.) The auction ends on Sunday.

Not seeing it but my setting filter out “USA only” results, which saves some headaches.