Spoke setup on a schlumpfed 36

My schlumpf has recently arrived (yes!) I’ve read that some folks have had issues with spokes breaking, others no issues at all.

I’m weighing up weather buy new 362mm spokes in the 3 cross or use my old spokes with longer nipples in a 4 cross pattern.

What’s everyone’s feelings with spoke setup on a schlumpfed 36er?

It all comes down to the wheel build. A 4 cross pattern is not required; 3 cross is fine. Use the small brass washers on the spoke butt side (may not be 100% required, but helps). More importantly, properly tension the wheel with a tension gauge!

I’ve build wheels “by feel” without a gauge. I broke spokes.
I’ve build wheels with a gauge. I stopped breaking spokes.


I built a couple last week and found that the 362 kh spokes are nice and snug on the schlumpf hub so you shouldn’t need the washers for full strength. I am not sure if Corbin was using the same batch of spokes as me, possibly they have changed slightly.

They are a little short though. I would have preferred them about 2mm longer. It was not a problem, some people like them like that… I didn’t have time to do a scientific check on the actual length needed, I have another to build next week and will do it then. Did you find this also Corbin?


Is it possible to do a 3 cross using my existing 371mm’s? My main question is whether I need to buy new (362mm) spokes or not.

Hey Roger – I’m going to rebuild my 36 soon (tomorrow or this weekend). I’ll make a note of the length and any troubles I have building it up. I’m definitely using older stainless steel spokes (not the KH spokes).


The spoke calculator has it that 375 is what you need for 4 cross and 362 for 3 cross (assuming a nimbus stealth rim)


You’d need a 4mm longer nipple, which I think the longest dt ones are, so it might just work.


Thanks Joe. I’m leaning towards to giving the 16mm nipples a try with a cross 4 lacing.

My LBS (good quality) was quite adamant that the brass washers won’t have any benefit. So I’m weighing up putting them on or not.


It sounds like skipping them is fine; My friend (and excellent wheel builder) Ken Adelman swears by them, and I think he is right. Another thing he discussed with me is that you want to use the proper length spokes. Using shorter spokes with longer nipples can cause breakage, since the spoke won’t go fully into the rim. Or, that’s the theory, at least. In practice, I don’t know if it makes a difference.


I’ve decided to get new spokes at the correct length. I don’t think I’d enjoy the pain of breaking a spoke 100kms out of nowhere, knowing that I might have been able to prevent it…

Thanks all for your thoughts.