Spoke problems?

Hey all,

We’re having some trouble with our 24" CyclePro’s spokes. As we ride, they creak
and sound generally loose. Will a simple spoke wrench be able to tighten them?

Additionally, the thumbscrews on the hub (where the fork attaches to the
wheel) continually loosen over the course of a day’s riding. The fork rattles
and is generaly not very well attached, it seems. Has anyone fixed this sort
of problem?

Our small unicycling group is also considering purchasing a second unicycle. We
really want to try some sports! I’ve tried Frisbee and street hockey, but we’re
a little limited with only one wheel between the three of us. Does anyone have a
used uni for sale?

Weather permitting, we will also update our unicycling portfolios and have some
new pictures available from my machine at
http://unicycle.cs.tulane.edu/unicycling Michelle has made enourmous progress,
but all of our photos picture us about to fall. We need some new ones!

Staying on top, Tramm

o hudson@cs.tulane.edu tbhudso@cs.sandia.gov /|\ tramm@unicycle.cs.tulane.edu
tramm@lsmsa.nsula.edu << http://www.cs.tulane.edu/~hudson 504/865-4227