Spoke POV Kit - unicycle?

Did anybody ever consider getting this SpokePOV kit to put on their unicycle?

I thought it looked quite kool and just wondered what you thought of it.

I thought about getting one of those, but I ultimately decided not to. Self expression can be such a waste of time and energy. :stuck_out_tongue:

James from EMUs (our local unicycling group) built himself something similar and used it to write insults on the wheel of his hockey unicycle.

I think he had either two or three sets of LEDs to make it work well, with fewer it didn’t look that good at unicycle speeds.


Going by the specifications on the site they say you need 3 of those per wheel to get persistence at 7 mph on a MTB wheel. That works out to about 100 rpm. 100 rpm is about 10 mph on a Coker. A reasonable cadence to maintain on a unicycle.

Using two of the lights per wheel means that you have to maintain about 140 rpm to get persistence. That’s a bit of a clip on a unicycle.

So 3 or 4 of those on the wheel would be more practical for a unicycle if you want to achieve persistence.

I haven’t tried those things or even seen them on a unicycle. I’m just running the numbers they give as recommendations for minimum speed to achieve persistence.

I have a thing like that from another brand. Just 1. It does not look impressiv on a coker wheel. I used it for some weeks, then it got wet and stopped working.

Thank goodness it is “Playa-Tested”.