Spoke LED messages - I am the walrus

Does anyone know if those LED message lights work on unicycles? The http://www.hokeyspokes.com/ website says that the best effect comes at 7 mph…I can handle that. But I’m wondering what happens when you ride backwards…

My wife suggested that the message would change to “Paul is dead”.

god-i-love-that-girl :slight_smile:

that sounds cool… That’d be wicked if it did that backwards too lol.

OMG! I should set my friends turntable backwards on one of his beatles albums!

says only last 48 hours on fresh batteries ><

that would be so cool. u have good ideas!

I have a more advanced set of these (32 LEDs up each side, fully programmable) and they don’t really work on a unicycle. It says full persistence at 7mph, but that’s with three ‘spokes’ per wheel on a 24" wheel, so if you do the math, which may not be correct on my end, you need to be pedalling at least 96rpm to have an image which looks persistent :stuck_out_tongue:

a more realistic number is probably 110rpm or so on a 24, which is still not a slack pace.

James from East Midlands Unicyclists has a set of these he built himself which are on a 20" unicycle. They work okay, but you need 3 of them for it to work at all, and it only works well in complete darkness.


Also, this kit does the same thing but is programmable - obviously some soldering required


:smiley: Well UDC Us sell them too also. :smiley:

I was considering on getting them once. But thought, it wasn’t worth it because of the speed you’ll need to actually light them like the pic from the above link shows.

wouldn’t your legs just get in the way of the message? Hardly seems worth the time/money/effort for a mostly obstructed message.