Spoke Gauge Question?

How can you tell what gauge a spoke is by looking at it, and does anyone know what gauge of spoke the 26’’ Pashley Muni has as I’m trying to get hold of some spokes over the internet and it might help if I knew what size they are and it doesn’t give it on the spec on Unicycle.com but does for the Nimbus Muni which are 14 gauge, but I think that the Pashley might be thicker than that.



Go to your LBS and ask to see a spoke wrench or ring, then just test it out on your uni.


Thanks for that, I have a spoke wrench and had never given it a thought as to what those numbers around the edge meant, just me being thick I expect, anyway, its the one marked 13 that seems to fit.


No need to get the same spoke gauge. I rebuilt my Pashley with some double butted spokes- makes for a lighter wheel.