Spoke Decorations

I just got a library book by Jack Wiley. It shows pictures of ribbon-like stuff spiraling around in the spokes of some unicycles.

Also, some appear to have cardboard cutouts affixed down there somehow.

Has anyone already done the R&D on this? What works?

The spirals radiate from the hub out to the wheel in what I assume are bright colors. Looks neat.

The cardboard inserts are something that’s not around anymore. Bill Jenack used to use them on the cycles his group rode in the 60’s and 70’s. Don’t know the dates of availability on those things, but I have some. They had a cool name; Bicyclones. I have a few still in the packages. One will go on my old Oxford someday, when it gets displayed in a museum. This unicycle was assembled from parts in Bill Jenack’s garage and basement after he passed away in 1982.

You saw a lot of those in Jack Wiley’s books because he used a lot of photos he got from Bill Jenack. Other unicycle groups used various types of streamers in their wheels. The Pontiac (MI) Unicyclists, hosts of the first of the USA Nationals, reportedly used to use automotive seat belts. The story I was told was that they were able to get the belt material in bulk, and it either came in red white and blue colors, or maybe they dyed it. Not sure if that’s true.

The Redford Township (MI) Unicycle Club, from which I originated, used plastic streamers woven into the spokes. You might find something similar at a craft store.

Here’s a black & white picture of those streamers:

I used wheel trims for a while when playing hockey. It helps the ball bounce a bit better. Wheel decorations are useful at conventions where all the unis look the same.

Since I work for a printer, I cut up an extra Blues Poster and weaved it through the spokes. A little skotch tape here and there.

Looks like just about anything will do ok. I wouldn’t even worry about crape paper for a short term application.

Looks pretty cool tho.



I decorate my spokes with mud splashes and occasionally with bits of twig, grass and briars.

On occasion, I have brightened up an otherwise drab tyre with a daub of dog doppings… :astonished:

A tuft of grass trapped between the front bumper of the seat and the seat cover can also be effective.