*SPOILER ALERT* UINAC Discussion Thread

As requested, here is the thread to talk more in-detail about the best parts of the DVD.

I don’t recommend reading beyond this point if you haven’t seen the DVD! You’d be ruining it for yourself!

Fair warning.

Max Schulze’s 720hoptwist, flip on flat, and flip-3spin blew my mind.

Yeah ! That’s my boy !

I didn’t see it yet, but Jakob told me when I asked him about UINAC. I’m so happy someone landed it, it was about time, some 7 years (?) after the first 540. Next step for him is to land it on flat !

I don’t really care about the rest, except maybe Cedric’s part. Did he actually land the frontflip we see in the trailer ?


I was there when Max landed the 7 for the first time! The only thing cooler than seeing it on the DVD is seeing it in real life! :smiley:

Cedric’s part is pretty fantastic, but it wasn’t him who was attempting the frontflip in the trailer. That was one of the muni guys, and unfortunately it doesn’t look like the frontflip was landed.

That was a biiiig spoiler, so I hope no one continued reading…

Wow, I’m really surprised. I thought it was him, he seemed to be “kinda” close in a teaser he posted a while ago, on a kicker jump. Do you know the other guy’s name ?

Also, are all parts like the Croatia part, where all the riders are mixed in one part and their names are written only the first time we see them (if that made sense) ? Because, to be honest, I can’t really tell the difference between Elias, Raphi and Lorenz, nor between the two Sjönneby brothers for example. That’s why I usually prefer parts that are divided by riders.

Anyhow, knowing Bobousse, I’m sure he did an awesome job editing !

He did. I just watched Defect again. The editing has come as far as the riding in 6 years.

I think it’s so much more interesting when there is also parts which aren’t divided by riders, gives way more, uhh i don’t know, it just gives more :stuck_out_tongue: But making the difference between lorenz, raphi and elias was the worst last year and 2 years ago. Now that they got a bit older it’s easier to make the difference.

Muni guy = Nicolas or Jeremy Potier, one of them.

hahha Eli, calm down :stuck_out_tongue: You wrote spoiler alert in the thread title. If one would even open the thread, it would be his fault for ruining it [if the reader had interest in keeping the big tricks and such a surprise for him].

My fave was Tim and Cleden’s part. Not so much Cleden’s riding though…

Tim has so much creativity and he can put together a solid vid that dosn’t have many flip tricks, so nice to see. But Cleden’s riding is mostly just flips, 180s, hops, small/medium grinds…

whats the street like in the dvd??

Like is big or is it just tech? When i mean big i mean like stuff down more than 7 sets.

nothing big T.T

In my opinion Cédric part is big street! And cleden and Tim part got some big stuff aswell

well there is some big stuf in it :wink: but not like doing teck tricks down more than 7sets… But be honnest :stuck_out_tongue: how many people can 180flip, treyflip,… down more than 7sets ^^ Chris, adrien and…?

You are on that list Tim! Then are a few of the New Zealand riders like Dan Cowling and I bet there are some riders that we dont even know about. Then there is Kevin, Colby, Forrest, and Max in the US.

I still really want to see the DVD though. I love the small videos you do Bobousse! :slight_smile:

haha mm… yeah maby some more riders than I first thought…
But I can only flip or maby 360 down a +7set :slight_smile:

And I just rewatched some parts in from the vid… and Max definatly does some big stuf :stuck_out_tongue: (18set handrail, ±10set bluntgrind, flip to 360,…)
But yes, there is not to much big street (exept for some tricks and cedrics part)

Ok, time to write a big review about the dvd =D
personnaly Aleix is my big favourite!! so much crazy lines <3
and max with hs 720,flips, … is also amazing
elliot has the best flat style ever!

isaac did also some cool stuf/creative stuf like the knickbluntgrind thing :slight_smile: but there where also some lines that were to easy I think :stuck_out_tongue: like the rolling hop from that wall to flat: its shown from 3 different positions… but it looks quite easy… would have been better with flip or 180yeah you will just have to see the vid :slight_smile:

Sjönneby part is so smooth! I love it! also the landscapes are awesome :slight_smile:

cedrics part is really nice!! big big gaps ^^ but I wanted to see more ;(

max and adriens trial part was good and fun to watch

American part has also sick stuff :slight_smile:

croation part: sick combos, smooth riding and elias his style is <3

bail part was <3² so nice!!
really good falls =D

Potier muni was one of the sickest downhill vids I’ve ever seen!!
But It would have been cooler If he would have landed that flip a bit better :stuck_out_tongue:

bobouse part is also creative!

Adrien and hungarien part wasn’t really good I think…; they do good stuf but nothing extraordinarily… like we are used of them ^^

and to be honnest Pedro’s part wasn’t really good I think xD

freestyle arthur was really cool to see!! good music filming riding! this part gave me a good mooth :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m tired of writing:
but all the other parts were also quite nice =D

Overal a really good DVD=D

Yeah i take it back,i forgot about all the things mentioned lol

Dan Cowling is Australian :astonished:


Matt Belot
Forrest Rackard
Hugo Duguay
Krisz Kovacs
Cleden Guichard
Tim Desmet (you)
Jacob Spera
Luke Collalto
Max Schulze
Arthur Caron
Dan Cowling
Cedric Vincent
Elias Poham
Colby Thomas

EDIT: Just read the post after the one I quote… never mind.

Haha ok I get it :stuck_out_tongue:
and this comment made me watch a vid of Luke Collalto again…
such an old vids but its still sick and big :stuck_out_tongue:

I like how you reminded Tim that you were referring to him, lolz.

Ok I’m try say this in a critiquey asshole kind of way.

Big street… There are some big grinds in the video, but hey thats Max :p. I was very happy to see Max do a bluntslide. The 720twist was sick and impossible. But no whip…

Adrien’s flip-underflip on the 5(originally meant for this DVD I guessed), treyside down the set(but we’ve seen him do bigger), he should have done a trick down the grind to drop aswell. No big spins, no flip and no whip…

Forrest had some nice stuff, I liked his dancing on the back of that bench, very Xavier Collos style. Nothing really stood out though, but it was good street riding on Forrest’s part, in a whole. Good to see some signature tricks coming out, rewind! Also looked like you didn’t have much time to film.

The muni part, this had some cool street stuff in it. Some interesting crankflip grabs that I’m keen to try myself, some kicker flips which was cool. But all kinda messy.

Tim and Cledens street, big street??? :p. It was more creative street then anything. I thought it was awesome. There was some big stuff thrown in to mix it up. But I don’t think any of it can really be labeled big street? In a whole, this is my favorite video I think, Tim and Cledens street in UINAC. Tim’s twist off the wall is awesome, 270 to skinny to flip out, wall ride(kind of thing) to 180 out, lots of awesome creative ACTUAL DVD WORTHY stuff I thought.

Isaac, some clean stuff. Backslide on the handrail was awesome. But pretty much everything else was really small :P. But there was some cool creative stuff put in there aswell. Not necessary the blunt of the kinked rail though :stuck_out_tongue: It shouldn’t take someone like me to point out that it would be just like grinding a normal rail blunt. I liked the jump into the bowl/quaterpipe at speed.

Pedro’s part was pleasing for me a lot because I like Pedro as a person and some of the street stuff I didn’t expect to see from the flatlander :P. But sorry bro, didn’t feel like it fitted in the DVD. Same with Sam Haber’s part, Emile in the USA part, Japaneses flatlander, Nil Suria(basically did allround style flat and trials which was boring compared to the other riders) Pau was ok cause hes got a different style, plus he looks really small so its more interesting. Sophia, we know you can do better already :P.

No offense to any of the riders, theres more good things to say then bad things for all the sections. I know for some of the riders this DVD doesn’t show their true riding capabilities.

It was for others, at first I just wrote “you”, then I realised his screen name was Tim Desmet.