Splits in Big Apple Tire

Hi folks,

I’m looking for a bit of advice. We noticed after today’s ride that one side of my 29" Big Apple is sporting shallow splits ~5mm from the rim. The splits range from 3mm to 10 cm, and almost look like a top layer of rubber is “delaminating” from the tire. I ride the tire under the recommended pressure, and there is no pattern to the splits (other than they always occur the same distance from the rim). As I say, they are only happening on one side of the tire, and it isn’t rot or anything I have noticed in a tire before. The tire is less than a year old.

Does anyone know if this is a common occurence with Big Apples? Is it a benign problem, or should I give Schwalbe a call?


This is a known problem with a certain batch(es) and they will be glad to replace it. You will need to get the numbers from the inside (where the tube is) for them.

Awesome. Thanks, Dave!

my old coker did that, i didnt think anything of it.

What did you do about it Evan?

I am wondering if the tire is ridden whether the problem will get worse or just stay as it is. Is it worth the hassle of contacting Schwabe and trying to work out some sort of exchange for a new non-defective tire? If it isn’t a big deal in the long run it may be simplier to just carry on as is. Just depends on whether this de-lam problem would shorten the tire’s lifespan significantly.

I rode it for aobut 5 months, i hoped alot on it too, nothing got worse, its just a little chipping on the outer layers of the tire, this guy i know ride it with the same tire, he hasnt had any problems

hummm, pretty interesting…

thanks for your quick reply Evan…

Don’t know if this is quite the same problem though. Our tires (I have the same tire as Slugbath with the same type of de-lam ) have these rather long thin slits. They look kind of like someone tried to lightly ‘slash’ the tire with a wee penknife. Very even, thin and clean lines of seperation on the rubber close to the rim. Only on one side of the tire though. And not deep enough to be through to the tube.