split handle

my kh 29 lift handle split in half im so mad and the warrenty expired 2 days ago

Your lucky. Others have split handles in a matter of weeks or days.
Wear and tear, buy a new one buddy.

Or get a Deathgrip! Or a reeder and a CF base! Or a kinkport! Or a v-grip! Or a KH hndle! Or a somethign else!!!

I’m sure if you ask nicely that KH (or whoever you bought it from) would send you a new one because there was a bad batch of them that was made. I’d try to contact the place you bought it from…

whats the warranty on a KH one month right?

yeah, and don’t even mention when you bought it unless they ask

That shouldn’t really matter, if there is a manufacturing defect then they should replace it whenever, just like those old rims that had the groove on the side.

Didn’t you or Evan break the sidewall right off of one? I seen it in a video.

Nope, people have done it before. Not us though. Bryan Steven did, you are probably thinking of him.

Yeah, it was Bryan, now I have to look for that video.

Here 45 seconds in.

Yep, ha and that is what happens if you use windows movie maker. He didn’t mean for the voices to be in slo mo, wmm did that for him:p

Oh and I seem to have not pushed the s on Stevens :roll_eyes:

Back on topic now…sorry for that threadjack.

Nooooooooooo, Krriiisss Hhoolllmmm riiiiimmm.

Me and spencer broke the top off 2 of em. They are nice that way.

Yeah, Ive done two of them rims aswell!

Rock on!

Evan was talking about KH handles. He cut the top out of the old style ones and it was actually really nice. Here is a pic, the cutout one is on the left.

i really want one of thos coutout ones :pout:

I need picture’s of one of these splits

Get used to broke seat parts. It happens. Unicycle seats take a lot of abuse and eventually break.

Fortunately a new KH handle is $9 (+ S&H).

Back in the day we’d buy an entire extra seat just to have a spare on hand in case (when) the seat broke. It was never a guarantee that the seats or spare parts would be in stock when you needed them and the wait for the next shipment could be 6 months or more. You kept your own stock of spares on hand if you wanted to be able to fix your saddle. So no sympathy from the old folks here. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a large plastic storage tub of spare seat parts still on hand. I don’t throw anything seat related away. Always need spares.