Splint option for KH Pulse 2007 gloves?

I know that in the older KH gloves, there were compartments to insert your own splint on the palmer surface of the glove. Is this option available with the latest version of KH gloves? UDC UK doesn’t mention it.

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Yes. The palm pad opens with velcro, so you can insert a plastic sheet, cut to shape. The plastic from a liquid laundry detergent container (or equivalent) works well.


Awesome. Thanks Kris.

Now that I got to try.
Thanks for the tip Mr. Holm :wink:

Peter M

What’s the use in that?

it acts like a wristguard and helps you to not break your wrist, but gives you flexability and the gloveness of a glove!:wink:

the problem is, then you will just break your arm up above the splint(I’ve seen it happen)

Do you mean just replacing the gel pad with a piece of plastic the same size? Or a piece of plastic that is long enough to go up the wrist and get wrapped in the wrist overwrap?

Heck, if my gloves weren’t packed, I’d take a photo to show you what I mean.

What I’ve done on one of my pairs is keep the gel in the palm, but add a sheet of flexible plastic, the same shape as the gel, on the top side (nearer to the palm).

This doesn’t really add much wrist support becuase it doesn’t extend over the wrist. However, it is noticably better protection when you fall on uneven or sharp surfaces.

Having this option was the point of the velcro closure, because people’s opinions vary so much on how much protection they want.