splined hub

whats a splined hub

THe strongest style hub you can buy. THe strength in which hubs range is cottered, cotterless (or square taper), and then splined.


pretty much everything you need to know right there.


uhm pcitures wont neccesarily do all :stuck_out_tongue:

basically its a hub but instead of having square ends where the cranks go on they have “splines” so basically they have many more sides. Most are ISIS compliant and so have 10 splines.

So are ISIS cranks used in two wheel setups? If so wont this give us one wheel setup types more options down the road?


Exactly, the idea of ISIS is to have a standard that everyone uses, making it easier for bikers. Now that ISIS is moving more into the uni world, it should give you more crank options. Although there are some complaints about there not being a good selection of short cranks in the bike industry.

also there are a few complaints about koxx ISIS cranks and hubs not being true ISIS, ie not fitting with other ISIS cranks/hubs

but search abit and u can find a whole load about that.

My advice = buy the cranks and hub from the same make and if possible as part of a kit! (you’ll pay a little less :stuck_out_tongue: and ur sure they will fit)

there are different types of " ISIS " as well, I have heard this in quite a few places…maybe the KOXX isis is just a different standard or something

ideally no. but i think the problem lies in manufacturing tolerances. also ISIS isn’t that common in the bike industry either. shimano(of course) has their own system(s), and (i think) most external bearing bottom bracets are some other system. not sure any of this thread really answers the question in the original post…