Splined Hub Help

I am hoping someone out there can answer this question for me.
No. What I meant to say was, I am really hoping that someone out there can answer this question for me correctly.

Are the Aricle splined hubs (as used on the Australian GP unicycles) ISIS compatible?

The first correct answer wins a cheap crappy prize (probably a rusty cotter pin or something - pick up from Brisbane only).


I did a quick search and didn’t find any reference to the aricle hub later than 2003. If your hub is that old it’s unlikely to be ISIS. I would call UDC.AU and ask them. They should be able to give you the answer you’re looking for.

Unfortunately no.

Aricle hubs are rip off 03/04 KH hubs and are 8 spline not the ISIS 10 spline.

I believe you can only get cranks for them in 170mm, 140mm and 127mm (made by Qu-ax).

Thanks Sam.
Perhaps I’ll see you on a ride sometime - got a big wheel cruiser?


After a bit more research I now wonder if these are the same as the Shimano Octalink which (according to wikipedia) was what prompted the development of the public domain owned ISIS. I know a guy selling two GP unis with Aricle hubs but want to make sure I can get new cranks for them before buying anything.


Nope, the Octalink is a different interface. If the unis are going for a good price it might be worth picking them up and replacing the hubs with cheaper ISIS hub and cranks. Thats what I did when I needed new cranks on my 2005 KH/Onza hub.

I do have myself a big wheel cruiser! Maybe I’ll see you on the bike paths.