Splined hub for my Muni

I’d really like to get a splined hub for my Muni for Christmas, or with Christmas money, because I’m really getting more and more into muni riding. Here’s the specs of the Muni:

Yuni frame
UDC Wide hub with the regular 40mm bearings
Random 165mm bike cranks
Alex DX32 rim
Duro Wildlife Leopard tire
KH Seat

The question is, what hub assembly shall I get? I’m trying to keep the price low, as in the price of the KH Moment (why’s it so cheap?) and the Qu-Ax. I have my eye on the Qu-Ax because I have heard its bearings are changeable unlike the Moment’s, and if it is both reasonably strong and I can either fit those bearings or replace them with 40mm ones, I’m set. My muni rocks socks, 'cept for the hub and cranks that I’ll bend here in the next few higher jumps I do…

I’ve got wheelbuilding covered, by the way. There’s a guy downtown in a tiny, old, cluttered bike shop that I’ve had work on my unicycles and bikes forever. He’s awesome, and most of the time offers to work on small stuff free. Of course, my dad being the nice guy that he is, always pays him. I’m guessing the wheel build will be under $20… :smiley:

To help you choose, you may want to see what’s available in crank lengths for the hubs that you are looking at. I just checked on UDC and they have only 170mm cranks available for the QUAX hub.

get the kh moment, its hard to find a 48 hole rim to use. and yes i know you can lace it to a 36 hole rim, but its not as strong or reliable.

Well the alex DX-32 rim is 48 hole, isnt it? If so, dont go with the KH hubset. Go Qu-ax, and getting used to the 170mm will be easy if your used to 165.

Can I use my current frame?



only the twenty inch rim. no 24". and with the kh you have many choices of cranks cause it is isis.

Yeah there is a 24" DX-32 rim. Its a very popular muni rim.

The 24" DX32 rim is 36 hole.

Mr. C, get the KH Moment hub and any pair of ISIS cranks you want (except Koxx1). Lots of good ISIS cranks on eBay too. For your size a 165 should be fine. Any longer and your foot circle relative to your leg length may get excessive without any added benefit.
The Moment hub has no issue with bearings; they install and come off like any other hub. But the Moment axle is 22mm, so you may not be able to find anything but the 22mm ID / 42mm OD bearings that come with. The Yuni bearings holders may well be able to accept a 42mm bearing.
If so, then it’s just an easy wheel re-build, and you can likely even re-use the existing spokes.
Pete P.