splined hub/crank maintenance

This may be the type of question that walks the edge of being a stupid question but heregoes…

I just got my new KH 24 and I love everything but the persistent, maddening creaking coming from the wheel. I’m satisfied after a quick search of this sight that I just need to grease the splines and retighten everything. The question is, since I’ve never had a splined hub before, I’m afraid I am going to mount the cranks so that I am off by a spline or two and they won’t be perfectly parallel.
Is there a good way to avoid this?
Would it be obvious if I am off by a spline or two?

I don’t think that there are enough splines that you would be able to put it together again and not notice that you are off. The other option if you are still concerned is to make a mark on the hub and crank with a sharpie. When you go to put it back together, just line up the marks.

It will be obvious if the cranks are off by just one spline. Getting the cranks lined up again is easy to do just by eyeballing the cranks as you install them.

You should use anti-seize rather than regular bicycle grease to lube the splines. Anti-seize will hold up longer and is better suited to the kinds of pressure and force there is between the splines.