Splined Hub Compatability...Pashley Frame

I love my pashley frame but want a stronger splined hub wheelset. Has anybody successfully grafted a splined hub to the Pashley frame with the teardrop bearing housing?


hmm. pashleys 17mm id and 35mm od are an odd pair of bearings that no other splined hubs can fit into, nor can ur frame fit into other splined hubs.

all i can say is if u want a pair of very strong cotterless cranks these are the beasts.


these cranks are so nice

If you decide to go Musketman’s route, I have a set of long Black Widows (175, 180ish?) that I’d part with for Real Cheap (S&H+, or trade). Toss a PM if by chance you’re interested.

John M

billnye the uni guy…

I’d be interested in your black widows. According to online resources (being mostly opinions) the BW’s longest is 175mm…that’s probably da bunny. I don’t have jack for trade…I mean my pashley is like the newest thing I’ve bought since rap was about lyrical skill. I could hook you up with a rendering of your current or dream ride…check out


I’m now considering just acquiring a new uni. I love my Pashly and think that if I try to upgrade this antique technology (lollipop bearing housings for bob’s sake) I’d probably get something that creaked and groaned.

I recommend a new frame. It is too much hassle to find bearings or look for another solution to the problem when new frames are available for around $50.

if he gets a new frame,he should just get a new uni. The whole point is to get a stronger hub. If he gets a frame he should get another hub= new uni

I ended up getting a 24" TRYALL rim, Koxx hub and cranks. I have them on a 17 year old frame and it all works great. Think about that. They have finally embraced today’s technology with Isis hubs and cranks…and it still works on on a nearly two decade old frame.

Is this thinking ahead or are we, as unicyclists, still stuck to the past technologies (ie. put a nail through it and see if it holds)? I mean look at the archaic technology of our seat post connection to the seat…there is now an adapter for using rail-type seat posts but that is the alternative, not the standard. I guess in some cases ‘tried and true’ is the best policy, but some advancement is nice too. I guess when you ride the simplest of transportation devices you shouldn’t try to complicate it unduly.

I have spoken…

This be my ride: http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=15565&d=1160513371



Koxx isn’t true ISIS though:(

What do you mean «isn’t true isis»?

Other Isis cranks don’t fit onto Koxx hubs, apparently. I havn’t tried for myself so I can’t vouch for it but apparently other Isis cranks including the new Kris Holm cranks (which other Isis cranks do fit) don’t fit onto the Koxx hub.