Splined Coker?

This may sound really stupid, but has anyone ever done it? In My opinion it would be more of a novelty item that really to have any use…Most* Cokering is done on roads or marked paths. But it sure would be neat.

The only thing ive ever seen come close is, I think it was Dave Stockton? And his indestructable Coker.(Correct me if im wrong)

Another thing I had thought about was, has KHU ever designed or had an idea to produce a Coker? I kno theres the KH/Shlumph(sp?) G-Uni but i think a KH Coker might be neat, Alu. Frame, Airfoil rim, it would be pretty light and probly right speedy in the hands of a pro.

Anyways, post your thoughts, discuss.


I do realize that there are indeed a selct few with the blls to do Coker Muni.

There is a KH pro 36" frame http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=679

Oh! Id never seen tah before. I wonder if they will ever step it up to an Alu frame…

if kh ever designs a coker, hell probably make a better rim than the airfoil.

Is there a better rim than the Airfoil? Unless KH makes a triple wall, eyeletted rim that weighs less than 2 lbs(which he probly could but it would cost a small fortune)I dont think its going to surpass the Airfoil.

the airfoil weighs 2 pounds? lol ok maybe he doesnt need to upgrade the rim then. I think someone should design a knobby coker tire though.

Well UDC says that the Airfoil rim is “2lbs, 12.2 ounces”.

And what wrong with this knobby coker tire?

A splined Coker would be cool, but most of the splined hubs are either too heavy or else lack the choice of crank lengths.

The Kh/Onza would make a nice Coker hub- but the shortest cranks are 125mm- you’d need 110’s and 102’s as well for everyday riding and flat riding respectively.

I think the KOXX hubs have more crank lengths available but ?slightly heavier.

also the koxx cranks are ISIS splined, giving you a much greater selection of cranks, especially at longer sizes.

Ive though about this alot not for the streght view but from the fact it is less maintinence and it dosnt screw up as much so I would be for it but it would make it really expnesievs

I have been riding a splined Coker for about a year now and I like it a lot. I wanted to be able to switch crank sizes while on a ride without the worry of hub damage so I put my old HK24 hub on my airfoil rim. I offen ride on the road with the 140s then switch to the 170 and MUni Coker on the trail, I only wish that I had shorter cranks for the road. I think the ISIS hub would be a better choice with chranks sizes form 110mm to 160mm.

Muddycycle, are you aware that Qu-Ax make 125mm cranks to fit the old KH hub? Just thought that might be of interest to you.

Are any of the splined hubs wide enough to make a strong wheel? The extra wide UDC hubs and the widened Suzue hubs the Dave Stockton uses are a good bit wider than even the KH/Onza, which is the widest splined hub.

How are those adjustable Kookas working for you? What unicycle are you using them on? I’ve been very happy with mine.