splined 12 incher?

anyone got one?

Not that I know of.

Why do you want one?

good question

youd hop higher cause its lighter or something.

You really have to rely on your tucking ability then, cause there isn’t much volume in a 12" to get good compression.

you would need a strong seat post mainly because it would have to be extremely long in order to hop high.

Or start using the handle bars from scooters if they fit the frame. :roll_eyes:

or you have a little sister and want to build al trialuni for her… :roll_eyes:

just my 2ct

theres been discussion before that a 12" uni would be awesome for high jumping with that 750mm seatpost on mdc…

but i dont think there are 36 spoke 12" rims, so fitting a splined hib would mean getting less spokes but its been done, lucas rides with a 32 spoke setup… i guess you could do it, but ur 12" rim would probably break before the cranks…

mainly so that i can do 6 ft drops on a 12’

cant you just do them with your 20?

remember what happened to the plastic wheeled 8 and a half incher?

yea but that was plastic, I mean we managed to bend the 1 peice cranks and then trying to hop up a stair I squished the wheel and plastic bits went everywhere, it was off a tricycle, I mean come on

there is one 16" trials…

Heiko build it out of a Quaxhub, a Monty 16" rim and tire (28 spokes as far as i know)

That looks awesome, that should be my new wallpaper. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

that looks totally awesome, monty make a 16" rim awesome…

but its still abit stupid :stuck_out_tongue:

btw how long cranks would u put on a 12" trials? u’d have to put like 80mm cranks… i guess koxx makes them.

yeah get a koxx reinforced hub and koxx 80mm light cranks, and u’d be all set.

still stupid. esepcially for drops… i thought ur point was to do massive SIF hoping

Hey Marco,

that looks really great!

Can you please ask Heiko, whether he can bring it to GMTW?
I want to see this in detail! And maybe many others too…


p.s.: Hey, dass ist irgendwie arg merkwürdig dir in englisch zu schreiben… :smiley:

Where do you get that rim? How many spokes and what hub is compatible?

I wonder what one would look like though. I would definitely purchase one if they made it. :stuck_out_tongue: