Spline Maintenace Tutorial

Ive just written one. Just thought id let you guys kno. Its Here And its in my sig.

Let me kno what you think.


looks good. you should point out that to the untrained ear spline creak sounds exactly like what you would expect to be a spoke. but it’s not, it’s your cranks!

Well you can feel free to add that if you like…Youve been at this longer than me. I just wrote what i kno and my experiences.

Thanks for the little writeup, Phil! One question, how often do you recommend someone should do this sort of maintenance? Or only do it when you really need too, or what?

thanks for the tutorial, I’m sure I’ll probally need it one day.

thanks. i would also like to know the answer to how often should you clean it

Depends on how much you ride in the wet and in the dirt. If you ride through puddles, streams and/or snow you’re going to have to regrease the splines much more often than if you ride only in clean and dry environments.

There is no set time frame for when that sort of maintenance should be done. The answer is that it should be done when it needs to be done. If it starts creaking it’s time to do some maintenance. If you been riding in the snow or through water it is time to do some maintenance.

On my Muni that get wet and muddy i do it every 2 weeks and on my Trials which sees little more than some dust, once every month.

Unless you’re riding 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week, that maintenance schedule is overkill. You’re wasting precious time that could be spent riding!

I do my maintenance every 6 - 9 mos. depending on the condition of my Muni. The frame is a good indicator… if it’s completely muddy, it’s time for early maintenance (usu. in the spring). If it’s dry, the mainenance can wait.

If you use quality grease and you’re liberal with the amount of grease you use (as long as you don’t get it all over the place) you shouldn’t have to worry about premature wear / failure. Ferchrissakes, the joints in your average automobile are lubed only every 7,500 miles or so (if at all!)… granted, they can tolerate a little more slop, but you don’t see wheels falling off from cars every day, do you?

Oh ok ill keep that in mind. I just wasnt sure so i wanted to keep it well maintaned all then time.