A hot and humid day in Minnesota called for some backyard fun on the unicycle and a roll, skip and a jump into the lake.
Good to get out and have fun on the wood and in the water)))))))))))

Nothing incredible riding-wise but good time just enjoying my Nimbus.

Old Man Falling…and not falling.

You’ve cloned Terry’s back yard :smiley: Call us once you get your bearings dried out.

Thanks for the fun.

I got a bearing on the bearings…used the leaf-blower and an overnight by the dehumidifier. I think it was worth it. Will get new ones if needed as I got mad-money.

I really enjoyed that! The water unicycling was nice and the part where you skipped was really cool!

hahahaha, really enjoyed that, you’re definitely one of my favourite older riders, I can just tell you have so much fun with it! :slight_smile:

that is super cool! may do that this summer :slight_smile:

Mucho Obligato for that.

A bow here from and old and ancient rider…:wink: I do have a good time still and it always makes me feel younger.

You gotta!
I am adding a ramp now.

i am so doing it with my old sun

Some Falls…

Here is me getting battered…Re-Release.

That will work!

Loved it shug, thanks for sharing man!

Show-offs share!!!:wink:
Thankee Feller.

You have so much life in you, I love seeing how much you enjoy unicycling. I’m also enjoying how creative you’re getting with your filming :wink:

Most of my videos are backpacking videos… a huge passion of mine. Uni vids make up a small part but they are really fun to do and I don’t go with as much palaver.
The filming and editing is my favorite part.

Nice video’s man. We really have to get together and ride more often.

I do have to admit to being a bit of a “Lone Wolf”…usually ride in the morning time more as by late in the day I am all give out!
We should though and I appreciate your emails on rides.