Spirit Vs Moment Cranks

Anyone out there have experience with both? Is there much difference? Are they slimmer / fatter?

Spirits are 25% lighter than moments apparently. They are thinner. Moments are a fairly set thickness all the way along the crank. Spirits are thick where they attach to the hub but then thin out.

Moments have steel inserts in the aluminium crank that often had an issue with it coming loose or coming out. It had a reverse threaded ring to keep it in but they feel off often.

Spirits don’t have the issue of the steel insert however I have seen people bend/torque the thread of their crank? One on the very first ride ever on them.

I think the q factor may be fairly similar with the moments just being fatter along the entire crank but I could be wrong.

Spirits tend to be good for muni/road/trials.

Moments are preferred by almost all street/flat riders. They are wider and better for rolls and the narrow crank of spirits means rails can get caught between your crank and wheel when grinding and you can get your foot caught inbetween your wheel and crank when doing flatland. There must be some who like spirits for street/flat but I think they are a minority.

Moments are chunkier and heavier and have steel inserts to reinforce the pedal threads. Spirits are slimmer, lighter and have the rotor mount option. In order to clear brake calipers the Spirits also have a different profile and a mm or two more Q.

I don’t know if there’s much strength difference between them in practice. You don’t hear of anybody breaking either type unless they’ve modified them to try and reduce weight. I could see how the Moments might be a bit nicer to stand on with their squarer profile, if that’s important to you.

I have Spirits on both my unis and I like them.

Nice 36 by the way.

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I have a couple of sets of both and prefer the moments. Wouldn’t hesitate to grab spirits if I needed new cranks, but I like the inserts and the durability of the moments. You can be downright reckless with the threads and not destroy them. I personally have not had issues with the lock ring or thread moving in 7 years of riding them. The short moments I got near the end of when they were made (110s) didn’t have the insert at all.

Anyway, both are quality cranks. For anything where you’re standing on the cranks, the moments are far better.

erm … no:http://unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=119547
But I think single hole Spirits are nearly as indestructible as Moments

I think moments are more indestructible, probably why they are 25% heavier. I’ve seen moments that have been almost entirely drilled out and lasted for years and years of street riding

Oops… My bad.

The recent post from turtle’s mountain trip showed that dual-hole Spirits definitely can break (at the second hole location). But yes, I think the single-hole parts are pretty stout.

Spirits look curvy and sexy, Moments look angular and burly. Like a male and a female. :slight_smile:

I had my first taste of a KH crank last week (Moments) and HELL did I like them!!! I felt like I could flatland stuff on them that a person of my experience has no business doing :grin:
I posted this because I was wondering how the Spirits compared as they don’t make the Moments anymore :cry:

Sounds like the “KH Moment Flatland series” should be the 2017 crank release. Honestly Kris, just do it, shut up, and take my money!!!

Yeh I assume its not cost effective to have two different types :\ because street/flatlanders looooooove moments but they still were discontinued. People had to move to Quax Zero Q’s or groovys. The moments did have loads of issues with the steel insert but I would have thought you could remake them without the insert like spirts.

Cheers, ill post the details if I ever finish building it :wink: