Spirit disc setup and long cranks (170mm and up)

I’m looking to put together something that uses an outboard KH Spirit disc setup, but with long cranks - nothing shorter than 170mm. Anyone used cranks other than KH stock for something like this?


there exist the MountainUni system to have an outboard disk.

And if you don’t find Sinz cranks the size you want, you can use pretty much any bike cranks with a 5-arms spider (170mm is common for bikes/BMX).

Don’t forget the pics of your final setup (for the pics addicts :wink: ).

There are a few 5 arm chainring standards. The MountainUni rotor fits 110mm BCD (bolt circle diameter).

Cool, hadn’t seen that before. Promising.

I have so far been unable to find compatible cranks in anything other than 6061, which is just far too weak.

Don’t blame the material, blame the design - 6061 should be strong enough given a decent design - those cranks look like they have a lot of material removed and poor torsional stiffness/strength.