Spirit Cranks, External Rotor, and Oracle Frame?

So here’s my plan:

Oracle 29 frame with D’ Brake
Nimbus 32h hub, Rabbit Hole rim
KH Spirit 165/137 with 200mm Rotor

Then, in a year or so:

2014 Schlumpf Hub 36h, Velocity P35
KH Spirit 165/137 with 200mm Rotor

I like the round crown Oracle frame and it now fits the Knard
I will run an external disc so the two wheels are compatible
I will run the D’ Brake on the opposite side (right)



EDIT: from here

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Was it necessary to file the frame?
50Nm possible or 30Nm+loctite for the cranks?

On topic: nice plans, Ben!

I went with a Velocity Blunt 35 (P35), otherwise the build is going as planned, should have it together in time for a three week trop out West.

This 29er will be my lightweight muni, which leaves leaves my Oregon as the “bruiser” with two wheelsets (26 x 4, 29 x 3).

The only thing I’m waiting on is the 2014 Schlumpf hub, a wider spindle, revised friction/torque bearing, and a crank stop; fingers crossed :smiley:

As much as I’d love to pretend that I own a Schlumpf, this isn’t my uni (there’s a link at the bottom of my post).