Spirit crank pedal insert

I’ve noticed that the moment cranks have a metal insert where the pedal screws in - is it even needed?
The spirit cranks (can’t be sure I don’t have any) don’t have an insert and they seem to be getting good reviews which raises the question; providing you’re not an idiot, do you really need a insert in your pedal hole?

It’s my understanding that the inserts in the moment cranks are made out of steel while the crank itself is made out of aluminum. I guess the thought was that if the pedal holes were bored directly into the aluminum then there would be a potential for threads to strip out. The ?steel? insert would provide a stronger interface between the pedal and the crank. Just a guess.

I’m also guessing that it was deemed not necessary or that the potential for stripping the threads is small since the spirit cranks no longer have the insert.

Exactly the idea. The moments had a steel insert. However, the inserts have problems with spinning. Also, the spirits are made of a harder Alu than the moments so the issue of stripping the threads is lessened.

Oh I know it’s to prevent thread stripping, but does it actually make the crank any less likely to strip if you don’t cross the threads?

Yes, steel is less likely to strip than aluminum. But neither should strip if you don’t cross the threads or put the wheel on backwards or do something else wrong.

That’s all I neaded to know. It was really a question of “are alu threads as strong as steel under normal use or are KH just being a bit cheap (even though that would be unlikely)”.