hey i got my new dx today, I can get up about a foot in a half blockSeat in or out, and do a 180 up it(this is all seat out just trying 180s), but i cant do it rotating away from it, even though i can do a 270 off it. I was wondering if there are any tips to really get your unicycle roatating, like how to do a 360, i use my hand and jump hard and on flat ground can get a 270, any tips, feels like my body gets all twisted up and wont go anymore? :thinking:

I used to do my spins jumping to my left. It kinda worked. I would get 270s all the time, and 180s easily.

I couldnt never get a full rotation though. It seemed like spinning to my left would be right. But it wasnt.

One day I was riding, and tried jumping to my right, and found it instantly easier. After a few more tries I was getting 360s down.

This may be your problem, so try turning the other way.

Another thing is, jump people, as they compress, turn their wheel at same time. Riding, compress and twist tire about 60-90 degrees, jump and do the rest of the degrees, then they land.

Or you just need more practice. With 180s you can do those just by using your hips pretty much and twisting your legs and anyone can get them very quickly. With 360s, you gotta use your free arm and your upper body to help you with the rotation.

Yea i do both sides, i know i jump high enough, and idk, i can get out 270 flat, but ill try the other side a little more, so you mean start spinning when you jump, hmm idk i guess ill give it a shot?

Static 360 is (almost) impossible. You need to have a certain speed, then turn a bit (~20-30º) on the opposite side you jump, turn again but in the way you jump, and when you arrive at your starting point, jump.

I don’t know if this was clear, but if it was, you’ll land it…well…I think.